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  • How interesting, what's Escrima? I'm training a form of shotokan karate, my first art. I think I'll train for at least a couple of more years before trying anything else.
    Yeah, I'm not very far. Maybe 20 mins from you. We should definitely get together at some point. Thanks for posting on the site (at least I think it was you).
    Hey Steve, yeah, in Bronxville. If you're ever in the area, maybe we can meet up and exchange some training ideas.
    Hey Noel, the site looks good. You guys outside in Bronxville now? Good luck brother, I'm glad you have dedicated students. I trained some guys outside in Rye 3 years ago and they couldn't handle the winter.
    I read through your site. Very nice. I like the direction you're going in. The training seems very thorough.
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