Shotokan for self defence.


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Oct 13, 2006
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And i dont know if you understood the context in wich i was presenting the knee strike to the groin but lemme remind you. I was presenting it like a plan B in case of a second attacker comming like dave ''multi-questioned'' me. And by that alone the ''something else ready'' statement of yours here its totally unnecessary in my view as a reply to me coz it was already there since i replied him.

BTW strikes to the groin are considered to be consensus by pretty much all SD circles and authorities as the strike amongst having a high rate effectivenes.

Since i have joined this forum i have being questioned and doubted a lot...nukite strikes, groin strikes, solar plexus strikes...i think its time to take a break and getting back by here when ive got all the material video documented proof for the YT mania video generation...not saying its your case. Besides that i wanna give space to other people talk.

My best regards.

People do question a lot, not just your posts everybody's, it how people debate and sort the wheat from the chaff so don't take it personally. The other thing is, that while your English is excellent there are some misunderstandings due to it not being your first language. It's hard even among native speakers to put points across as coherently as if we were speaking face to face, then body language, inflections and tone of voice tell half the story so understanding is easier.


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Jun 19, 2015
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Some of it is language. Some of it is being wedded to ideas. People make discussions personal when they are discuss with their feelings.


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Dec 17, 2008
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I could find some vids that represents better what I do and think of that... while gedan barai its a block very used and usefull block in kumite for kick defenses to the waist, belly against some mawashi - mae geri kicks some people its applying also as a wrist grab release technique with the add bonus of a throw just like this:

Now zenkutsu will also plays a big role to create that trow momentum when the body turn and your front foot its trapping the opponent balance. Important things to note:

This can be performed even if the opponent still holding your two wrists when you raise your left arm around your head... the stronger is he holding the better to mess with his balance...

That's a small part of the answer if you end up with your wrists grabbed: you raise your stance a little and transition to a strong zenkutsu to any degree to the side...
I thank you for posting this video. It is a variation of an Aikido exercise we practise regularly from a double hand grip. Does it work against total resistance? Sure, it does. Can everyone do it? Not without a lot of practise. I introduced it to my Krav guys last night and will keep trainining it with them because it is so simple. Just a hint ... it will never work if you try to use strength.

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