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  • Hey, Russ, how've you been?
    It seems the forum's been a little quiet lately! I'm so lazy to write on the threads or start new ones (although I'm always full of doubts). You got some good replies in interesting threads, though, gotta follow them. :)
    Be well, my friend!
    Sshhh! I have on my cloak of invisibility! You are not supposed to be able to see me at all! Grr, I need to take it back for a refund :) I hope you and yours are well indeed Russ, speak to you soon, J
    Nope, not jealous. Honest. Really, I'm not. Genuinely and truly, I'm not. I swear. I have plenty of other things to do, like, uh, dishes! Yes, that's right, dishes! And that's far more fun than any boring old fantastic training experience. I bet. Maybe. Damn.

    After Easter will be great, look forward to it.
    Hey Russ, been frantically busy the last week.... hopefully tomorrow will allow some free time (12 hour shift from 9 til 9.... gotta give me some time to rest!). So you know, my typical lunch break is 3 or 3.30 in the afternoon, at which time I can most commonly be found in Eastland.....
    Thank you! I find being insulted on the internet like that quite amusing because it says more about them than me and at least they got the 'superior' bit right rofl! And I am little. C'est la vie and c'est l'internet!
    I got a neg rep from well I can guess who lol on that Aborogine thread.
    "Quite the superior little snit aren't you? Still a buffoon though."
    Hey Russ :) Well I think we are the same - I have been out of the Aikikai for a few years now (I was not a good disciple!) Now my Aikido is like the off-the shelf Aikikai but with a custom, deep-skirts dams and spoilers bodykit :D And man I envy you - if I were retired I would disappear for days and travel like teenagers and make new friends and have so many chances to apply my hard-earned wisdom (though I probably never acquire that myself, ha!) and but being retired is not about losing who we are, quite the opposite. I am not a mechanic. I am me. So you can keep the $5m if I can retire and get the time to be me properly :) Well be careful having your "fly around" that you do not strike any birds. They were there first, remember! :) Take care, Jenna :)
    Hey there! Just thought I would say hello. So, um, hello :) Hope you are well? Jenna :)
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