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Jan 8, 2006
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Man, I screwed that up......let me try again....

Lawyers, Guns and Money came out after he released "Werewolves of London", which I also loved.

Towards the end of that song, are these lyrics..

I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's
And his hair was perfect!

Back then, me and two other fools went to Hawaii for a couple weeks of R and R and to take a much needed break from the dojo.... which turned into two months of partying. Running low on funds, we used to go to Trader Vic's. They had an all you can eat deal everyday between four and eight P.M.

We'd get there right at four, consume mass quantities, sitting on the balcony overlooking the strip, people watching. About twenty minutes before eight, we'd get up and eat again. It's all we would eat, or need, for the whole day. All for eight bucks. we went there every day.

One night a bunch of gals came in. One had a boom box thing. She played Werewolves of London. People started singing it, even the employees. We got up and started dancing, then everyone else did.

The chorus was....
Aa-hooo! Werewolves of London!
Aa-hooo! Werewolves of London!

Everybody in the place was singing and dancing, and just about screaming the chorus.

It was so freaking awesome I'll never forget it.

Mr Bad Example literally got me to try Fosters in the shade :)....



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Jul 9, 2008
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Never Fight a Man With a Perm

Lots of great lyrics in this song (and on the rest of the album, as well). This song highlights the stupid machismo of the bar fight scene.


Brylcream, creatine and a bag of Charlie Sheen

Brylcream, creatine and a bag of cocaine

A dulcet man with a dulcet tone from a dulcet town and a dulcet home

He hates me
I like that
Two arms like big baseball bats

I bark
He bites back
A jaw like a f*** off bear trap

He said these boots are made for stomping and that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots are gonna stomp all over you

I said I've got a penchant for smokes and kicking douches in the mouth
Sadly for you my last cigarettes gone out

concrete and leather x6

A heathen from Eaton on a bag of Michael Keaton x2

He thinks he's suave
You're not suave cause you watch get Carter
You are a catalogue plastic Sinatra
A try hard who should have tried harder

Me oh me oh my Roy
You look like a walking thyroid
You're not a man you're a gland
You're one big neck with sausage hands

You are a Topshop tyrant
Even your haircuts violent
You look like you're off love island
He stood and the room went silent

Never fight a man with a perm

Concrete and leather x6

I’ll shut my mouth

Let’s hug it out x2

Let’s hug it out
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Jul 9, 2008
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Covington, WA

She said, "When you start getting all expressive and symbolic, it's impossible to actualize an honest diagnostic."
I said, "When you start getting all exact and algebraic, I'm reminded it's a racket, not a rehabilitation, okay?
Agree to disagree as grown-ups from opposing clans
Honoring the push and pull I should have called the Scholomance
Oh well. Preservation is a doozy
Will you be needing another appointment?"
I'm shrunk

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