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  • Joe what are you doing? Remember send my the people for me to invoice again for Harmony
    Joe what the heck are you doing? Do you never work? I am so confused about everything, who amI? What am I, who shall I become? Man this is very bad for me right now maybe tonight I will wear a dress and become a hooker.
    Are you there Joe, come on answer me or the wrath of TKD will fall beneath your small frame body and wash you away like yesterday trash. I am too funny sometimes.
    Joe why do you never post and just leave it up and running? I mean come on man get with the program and post something even if it is just top say HI!!!!!!!!
    you have internet again? So are you coming to class tonight or going back home? What time are you leaving on Wednesday?
    How long has this been part of the BB? How long has what been part of the BB? sorry I do not understand the question.
    It is in five parts and yolanda is trying to bring them together for the entire match. He won 30-28 but I loved that kick like 38 seconds into it, what about you.
    What is going on Joe have you seen Caleb fight when he axe kicks the kid in the head?
    Talk to you later
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