On Passion/Tranquility



Okay, I realize that this may seem a bit odd, but do people here find themselves usually getting caught up in their emotions or passions when fighting? I'm just curious, I usually contain mine pretty well, or channel them into useful energy when I fight, but I figured it'd be a half-decent attempt at a thread.

What steps do you take to create the calmness usually preached as necessary to the Martial Arts? Meditation, punching bags, etc.?

Just curious!

If you don't fear the attack, you generally don't get worked up...
The trick is to train at a high intensity level on a regular basis (using whatever method your teacher deems appropriate).

Early in my training, I would get an adrenaline rush when I sparred or played randori...now, I don't get much of a rush at all.

Just keep training.

Calming breathing exercises are good AFTER sparring...helps you calm down and get your breathing and heart rate under control.

Meditation is something different altogether...

I'm normally pretty calm when I spar or even when I used to fight. In fact, I get more worked up and nervous over things like speaking in small claims court than I do over anything in martial arts. I kinda wish it was legal to settle roommate disputes with fists- everything would be decided much faster with less tension. :D

Seriously though, I think most people learn to contain whatever emotions they have during sparring pretty quickly. Sometimes we have problems with newbies who get scared and tend to ball up (kind of like a pill bug), but with a little bit of patience we've always been able to encourage them to get over themselves and start using what we've been teaching them all along.

I wouldn't call giggling composed...

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I wouldn't call giggling composed...


You giggle when you spar? You're either really confident, or the other guy doesn't have his gi on in the correct way.
My emotions tend to vary per opponent.. when we do freestyle sparring.. rotating from partner to partner.. my emotions change per person. If one is a challenging opponent.. I'll psyche myself internally either to watch for kicks.. getting in closer to a kicker.. if they are an offensive fighter I gear myself for that.. Defensive fighter.. etc..
Now if I'm fighting someone for the first time.. I find my adrenalin flowing more so.. as it is a fear of the unknown.. I have no idea what kind of fighter they are.. and have to utilize all my tactics and training during those first few fights..