OK, who do I trust???

newtothe dark

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Aug 15, 2007
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i consider Hatsumisensei and Takamatsusensei as trustable. I like Hayessensei stuff from back in the day, but now im confused and a little disappointed. i followed in toshindo for a while silently, but then i nested with Richard VanDonk Shihan-and was close to getting a homestudy course to get some frigging ranking finally-not only that, i truly believe in the homestudy course and have faith in Master vanDonk, but for whatever reason, i did not end up purchasing the course and entering the program-

it really does suck sometimes when everywhere you go you dont achieve any sufficient rank to be able to stand up to foolish critisism or emotional terror. aside from ma studies as a kid with judo classes,ninjustu books ,cma communities,aikido and iai books, kempo movies and magazines,taekwondo classes,karate blocks etc.etc.- most recently i was involved with taking classes in takedabudo aikijujustu as well as meiyukai aikido ,bujinkan dojo,experienced some lessons with master Wang Dong Feng-taichi-shaolin. self study of nitoichryu kenjutsu-most recently studied chin na techniques in detail from material of master Yang Jwing Ming as well as taken a look at other chinna sources.

i want to meet Hatsumisensei and train hard in japan. i am trying to find a way. now i have found a good job so it's hard to leave right now....i am having to make a decision. or maybe at some point i can get permission to leave for a while and come back here, but i almost feel like i want to move to japan if i can this time. being in japan more than 5 times and not making the effort to go to see the dojo...shame on me. i even practiced pancrase hybrib wrestling the last time i was in japan. i did well i think under the circumstances of poisoning and periods of homelessness.
Hopefully next time i can plan my trip out a little better and arrive at the destination i seem to always be missing.


Wow now thats one heck of a post !!!!

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Jan 20, 2004
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There are even people that try to say that Anshu is not a student of Hatsumi sensei anymore.

Including Hatsumi sensei.

I've spoken directly with the person who took down the plaque at Soke's direction, as well as with others who were there at the time. I can assure you and everyone else that there is absolutely no doubt among those in Japan (I was training there just last weekend, BTW) regarding his status.

I and some others made a screen capture of an announcement on the Hombu Administrator's bulletin board back in '06 which, I think, says everything necessary.

Hmm. . .Looks like I can't attach the image from my computer, so give me a minute to find somewhere else where it's been posted. . .

Okay, here we go:


BTW, the whole SKH-status thing was already done to death, right here on MartialTalk:


The horse still isn't moving. I think it's time to stop flogging it.


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Feb 6, 2006
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I have that screen shot as well, and couldn't find it if my life depended on it. Thanks for posting it again.

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