Darryl Garrick


My name is Darryl Garrick, I am 33y/o , and I have just joined this forum.

My experiences are :-

Shotokan Karate - 10 mnths

Okinawan Kobudo - 8 mnths

I will be studying a martial arts called Sessen Ryu Karate in a couple of months.

Can't wait :)
Hi Darryl,
This is a really cool forum, you've come to the right place.
Sessen Ryu looks like they are more then fluffy. Make sure you learn the sai stuff they teach, sai's are awesome;)
you have picked the best place to meet new friends and talk about your training.

Welcome. I started in shotokan when I was 16. Always thought it was pretty cool.
Welcome aboard this is a great place with alot of really nice people.
Welcome Mr. Garrick! It looks like you started the martial arts pretty late in life--is that so, or did you study when you were younger also?
Hi all,

I did study when I was younger, but I had niether the staminar nor the determination, for practising the martial arts.

Then later on (when I was thirty), I found that some of the instructors weren't all that interested in teaching new students, only in making money, this was also very dis-heartening for me.

The school where I now train, encourages it members to enter tournaments and competitions, and to do better. What's more, if you make a mistake in a competition and lose, the instructors don't look down on you (as some would), they will take you to one side and help you to do better. It's Great! :asian:

Arts I've studied (can't remember for how long though):-

Chen Sao Kung Fu - mid 1980's, when I was still at school (reached green sash)
WTF Taekwondo - Last year, gve up due to back injury (reached 7th gup).
Tang Soo Do - Hated the instructor, so wasn't there very long.
Wing Chun - Wasn't really for me, though I studied for 3 moths.
Well Darryl this the place to be, there are a lot of people here just waiting to share information and trade trainig ideas with you. I you find this place to be much fun as the rest of us.
Welcome to the forum.
Best of luck with your studies. Be sure to let us know how you are progressing.
Remember tournaments are for learnig (there is a another thread on the subject)
Hope you enjoy what is said by the people here, some of it is very educational, some of it is in fun.
By the way 33 isn't that old .
I have a student who just started practiceing at 52. He wanted to see what tournament where about so I changed the way we sparred for a week and trained he in tournament techniques. He made a lot of mistakes but took 2nd place. We filmed it so he would have a perminate record and as a leraning tool.
Go for it if you want it you can achive it
Shadow :asian:
I agree 33 is not that old.We had a gentleman who passed away a couple of years ago as a 2nd Dan.He was in his 70's or 80's.He was an inspiration for all young and old.
Welcome Darryl.

This is a really good forum with great people.

Glad to have you here.

Originally posted by arnisador

I don't recognize this one--does it go by another name as well?

I'm not sure. I think it was just a fad (though it was recognised by the British Kung Fu Association). Apparently Chen Sao stood for Long Fist. Thinking back it was a bit like karate, with fluid movements, and even fancier stances (if you get my meaning).

The club seemed to close down after I left, pretty strange actually.
Good luck with your future training Darryl, and welcome.
Welcome! I started for the first time at 28 and thought that was old. Now I'm 33 for a few more days :rolleyes: We have one student in my class (altho I'm not nearly in his class if ya know what I mean) who is sixty- 4th dan and instructs elsewhere. He's very easygoing and encouraging the way people can be when they have it & don't need to prove it.

Now you know what you are looking for and have the discipline, hopefully, to stay with it.

And don't worry about Kirk, he's my bi-otch.

(Oh, I am going to pay but it will be worth it)


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