Pinan V groin rip/Conditioning



Hey does anyone have any good suggestions for strengthing grip ripping skills? What I'm thinking of is the last moves of Pinan V were the privies are ripped off. A grip that can rip stuff off through jeans and such... Sort of a humorous topic :D
no suggestions but i know the form you mean. one of my favorite forms in fact.

all i can say is ouch!!
At a recent George Dillman seminar I attended he discussed this very move, dismissing the possibility that it was really a groin rip and offering the interpretation of a strike to the nose of an opponent trying to to a double-leg takedown with a simultaneous strike to the back of the neck (first movement, "reaching for/striking at the groin") followed by grabbing the neck and breaking it (second movement, "ripping the groin").
It does not have to be a grab and rip of the jewels. It could be a grab of the leg and a pull down or a strike to the groin and pull the leg out as well. The possibilities are endless it is up to you to see if a technique will work for you. The kata are a guide the application is not set in stone.:asian:
thanx for the info guys. true a kata is a guideline and you make the adjustments for the situation that you are in.

tearing and ripping techniques on certain parts of the body are very hard to do so the piercing or striking of them seems more realistic.
Indeed, the possible effective interpretations of forms are endless. I attended a seminar session recently on tat very topic, and the discussion of the possibilitieswere great. Forms reaaly are a great learning tool, and are definitely more and more appreciated with experience if one looks at them correctly.

As for the technique in question, it can also be a pressure point strike to the hip joint area. I'm not exactly sure how to refer to this point, but if you've ever been hit there, you know it would definitely distract/disable you long enough for a follow up strike.

There are also numerous grappling/ joint manipulation interpretations that work well with this this technique.
Thanks for the replies.
I was thinking of only one aspect, the ripping. To say that the ripping is hard, is correct, but to say that the ripping is not there at all in the kata, nor was it ever in the kata is totally incorrect.
So I disagree with Dillman.
The possiblities of the move are all over the spectrum. Its really cool when the jump is over a sword or naginata strike, then the next "block" is a disarm, and the rip becomes a decapitation.
a rip and tear technique does not mean that the object being ripped has to be fully removed from your opponents body.

it is possible to internally rip and damage an organ part without fully removing it.
I do have this form and if I rmember correctly, and if I dont my Instructor will kill me. Its all positioning and movemt, meaning the right leg i forward when the right hand has done the grap and then to accomplish the rip its more than using the right hand to pull the feet quickly change so the left leg is now forward, pulling the right shoulder back through basic body machanics, the importnat part in the way it was taught to me was that the left hand would go down and strike to the top of the groin, the pelvic area. When the feet switch the left hand strikes and the right han pulls giving it the rip.
your form is a little different than the one i was taught but the overall outcome is the same. anyway you put it some major damage would be done to your opponent.