Martial Arts Magazines?


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Jun 27, 2004
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Flying Crane said:
sometimes some interesting stuff, but it is published by Blackbelt. a lot of advertising, and a lot of shallow writing.
**Negative they are each owned individually, but I prefer IKF as compared to any others, even if there is allot of advertisements. This is how they keep the magazines going as costs of selling them doesn't make it. Some of the other magazines that CFW Enterprises, Inc puts out are also pretty informative. I just did the cover for a magazine called Katana from Mexico City but it is a real odd shape and almsot twice as large as regular magazines. Seems as if they are all pushing the advertisements in them. I loved Inside Karate Magazine, but they took it out and replaced it with Martial Arts and now it is something else. I have a subscription of Inside Kung Fu.
Grandmaster Kuoha

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