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  • We only moved here a couple of years ago from North Texas. It can be a very small world, one of the guys at our fire department in Texas came from Wisconsin.
    Hello! Theres an HDGD quesion on the Korean sword arts section. I tried my best to answer it, but you've a lot more first hand knowledge than I do.

    How have you been?

    Hey Ninjamom! My ex and one of my good friends are from Solomons! My girlfriend and I came down about a year ago for a class on the Ecology of the Chesapeake. I love it down there. I live up in Red Lion, PA. Just thought I'd send ya a shout on your profile :)
    Hey, NM! I also started an autism social group here for support. Haven't posted anything yet, but ... it's there! And we have it! and .. and ... I'll post to it soon! And if you join? So can you! :D :D :D
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