“Kung Pow”



What do you think of the upcoming movie “Kung Pow”? Do you think this will be just a funny parody of the old Shaw Brothers “Kung Fu” flicks, or do you think this will be another sore spot for martial artist, giving people an additional way to think of them (martial artist) as flakes?

There's a thread on this in the Locker Room. The Sports Entertainment forum is a good place to discuss this type of thing.
:soapbox: i saw this movie i gotta tell ya it absolutly sucked. i thought it was very disrespectful to the people who were responsible for the original movie.:mad:
We're talking about kung pow the comedy right? It's a parody right? It's supposed to be funny and make fun of things right?

Damian Mavis
Honour TKD
God, that movie was great. It basically exagherrated everything that was cheesy about old chinese kung-fu movies. the bad play acting, the clumsy bad guys (with the exception of the main bad guy, who is incredibly skilled), and the water thin plot. damn, that was funny.
Then why are people getting upset? They didn't actually go to the movie thinking it was a serious martial arts movie did they?

Damian Mavis
Hnour TKD
I didnt go into the movie thinking it was going to be serious i just didnt think it was going to be that stupid i thought it would be funny like the movie beverly hills ninja with chris farley...

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