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Apr 6, 2023
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What style of weapons do you do and what is your bo kata list. I do a variation of ryukyu kobudo and have shushi no kon sho and dai, sakugawa no kon sho , and sunakake no kon

Bill Mattocks

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Feb 8, 2009
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I practice Isshinryu karate. Our kobudo includes the bo, sai, and tonfa (tuifa as we call it).

Bo: Tokumine no Kun, Urashi no Kun, and Shishi no Kun.
Sai: Kusanku no Sai, Chatan Yara no Sai. Kyan no Sai is taught as a dojo kata but we do not consider it part of the system.
Tonfa: Hama Higa no Tuifa.

Our dojo is also affiliated with Tokushinryu Kobudo. I am not a Tokushinryu student, but because I am a black belt instructor and student of the dojo, I also receive a lot of Tokushinryu weapon instruction. That style has a huge number of weapons systems, as it is an attempt to preserve Okinawan weapons of all sorts. There is usually one kata per weapon style:

Tichu, Tekko, Tonfa, Eku, Kama, Bo, Nunti Bo, Sai, Nunti Sai, Tinbe Rochin, Sansetsukon, Gusan and Bachi. I am far from expert in any of them, but they are fun to practice and the Tokushinryu kata are usually fairly straightforward to learn. We have hosted Master Kensho Tokumura in our dojo serveral times. He's a very fine person.


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Jul 2, 2006
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Northern VA
In Bando, we train with sticks, swords, and empty hands -- along with a few other weapons based on individual interest like slings.

Sticks range from the fist stick (just barely longer than the fist) up to 8 or 10 foot stick/spear systems. Mostly, I train with sticks in the baton (2 1/2 to 4 foot roughly) range, or 6 foot lengths, personally. We have a number of forms and associated drills for them.

Swords include various lengths of dha - the typical saber-ish length and design sword, as well as daggers and functional knives like the military utility/combat knife (the classic Marine K-Bar, for example) and folding combat knives. Then there's the kukri -- aka Gurkha knife -- the classic inward curved "chopper" of the Burma/India/Nepal region.

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