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  • Hi I'm Victor not Shihan (personally I don't accept Japanese titles),

    No I'm not connected with On-Site Karate in Potsmouth. I run the program at the Derry Boys and Girls Club, one for kids and one for adults.

    Long ago I met the Portsmouth folks but am an entirely different lineage.

    I keep a blog at http://isshin-concentration.blogspot.com/ and if you go to Youtube and seacrh bushinoteisshinryu you'll find some of my students kata perforamce.

    You're not with the HOS any more? Are you still training? Always wish everyone the best at that.

    Shihan Smith, are you connected to the On-Site Karate in Portsmouth, NH?

    Rich Kahn
    Hudson, NH
    former student at House of the Samurai, Londonderry
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