Kacem Zoughari, Feb 05, Wellington, NZ



Bujinkan Jissen Dojo

Proudly present
Kacem Zoughari

Ninpo, Fusui no Heiho and Shinken no Kihon

19th & 20th February 2005
Wellington, New Zealand

Over two days Kacem will share his unique understanding of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and Japanese Budo.

For more information on Kacem please see his bio below or search the net for comment on his recent seminars.

This will truly be a fantastic event!
Bio Kacem Zoughari:

Born in Paris in 1972

Lavoisier 's researcher of Japanese Martial arts for the French Government of Foreign affairs in Japan

Researcher-teacher in Japanese of the French INALCO (National Institute of Foreign and Oriental language and Civilisation)

Doctorate (phd) on Japanese martial arts, history and philopshy

Global University Lecturer

Member of the Nihon bud繫 gakkai (Organization of reasearchers on Bud繫 of Japan)

Researcher in Ninjutsu, Kobujutsu and Kory羶 ha

Author of the book 'Ninjutsu, l'ombre de la lumi癡re', writer of many articles on ninjutsu and old martial arts schools.

Translator of Takamatsu sensei' DVD, second English version and French version
Quest company's old martial arts video and DVD translator

Hatsumi Soke private translator and secretary

Bujinkan Japan Instructor

Ishizuka Sensei's Noda D繫j繫 instructor

North Africa military force's instructor

Police and security consultant

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Mark Humphris
Bujinkan Jissen Dojo
Wellington, New Zealand