I found out my judo coach has a book



Judo Is for Me (Sports for Me Books)
by John Ralph Holm, Lori Harman, Robert L. Wolfe (Illustrator), Diane Wolfe

Has anyone ever read this book. I am about to buy it, should be intresting see what people say about it since i have never seen it, One of the students at my Gym was looking threw the libray and found his book and i wanna here what you good people have to say about it, Your friend Judo-kid
IF anyone has the book and wants to sell . Message me, Thanks Judo-kid
I think you need to look into getting a job. I see you posting about money and I think a job would help you get enough money to buy the equipment and supplies you need :)
it was a cute kids book. A little girl learns to fall, and has fun with her friends. if I remember right, it also has a page that tells about how judo and karate are not the same thing!!!
maybe I'll go to the library and check it out...