Finally Karate comes on TV and I miss it


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Mar 8, 2002
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Grapevine, Texas
The 11th National Shodikan tournament came on and I missed it :(

It was on ESPN2 and right when I get off the computer I turn on the TV and its over.

I got to see alot of knock outs though at the end with a recap.

I am wondering if anyone else knows places to buy videos like this for cheap since I like watching the competitions except they never come on TV and when they do.

I have to pay $30 to see them.
I don't know about the Shidokan tournies, but here's a website for the US Open on ESPN2:

They have the times and dates for stuff.

I have seen the Shidokan matches. They are cool, so if anyone else can help carbon and me out on those, that would be cool :) Oh and the K-1 matches also.
Recap at the end was the best part. Longest fight of the night was the womens championship and it was a bit of a snoozer. First fight was decent and the third one with Shonie Carter was good also but ESPN only chose to show the last 3 rounds.

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