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  • Gotcha. Sounds very, very good.

    Flushing is just a small hop from Elmhurst, anytime you feel like going in for a meal, we could always meet up and talk shop while the wives talk Beijing. :)

    Hey speaking of the Adirondacks, or in this case the Poconos, I spent the weekend in Pennsylvania with my family. Not a martial arts trip, I'm afraid, but a success none-the-less. My daughter, who is 2, can't stop talking about the trains.
    I did not knwo Alex was going to be in the Hudson valey but I don't watch Alex. Nothing against him it is just my sifu was a student of Tung Ying Chieh and Alex was a student of his father who was a student of Alex's Grandfather , who was a student Alex's great grandfather Tung Ying Chieh
    Alex Dong < Dong Zeng Chen < Tung Hu Ling < Tung Ying Chieh.
    Me < My Sifu < Tung Ying Chieh :D
    I get down to the city from time to time but generallythat is only to go to Flushing Chinatown with the family to eat and do some shoppingand then head back to waaaaay upstate (Think Adirondacks :D) Maybe one of thesedays, but we just went to Boston last weekend so it will be a while. But rightnow I am working hard on my Yang Style and trying to train Xingyiquan.
    True thatis why I don't train Chen in my area, I use to but the two forms I learned were the only forms that teacher new and one was an old version of Chen that is found in Shandong Province (likely from before the original form split into Laojia yilu and laojia erlu) and the other was Laojia Yilu. I started working onthe Chen 18 form from Chen Zhenglei but I was working with a training group o fhis that is in my area, and to be honest, they really did not know it as well as I did and I was never officially shown it. That is because I knew LaojiaYilu and they didn't I have since trained Chan Si Jin with Chen Zhenglei but that is about it as far as Chen goes.
    Pretty much...

    My favorite style of Taijiquan is Chen however there are no real Chen teachers in my area so I ended up a Yang style guy. My Yang sifu however is old school Yang style and a student of Tung Ying Chieh and I found him pretty much by accident as well
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