Fairtex Training Camps - Urgent !!!



I have been given to the opportunity to go to the fairtex training camp in San Francisco but my parents are not covinced exactlty what it is in the package and I myself am not to sure.

I wanted to ask anyone who might know is food and sleeping facilities provided in the fairtex training camp and also how much is it ?

Please reply as soon as possible

thanks a lot
There web site is www.fairtex.com
It says training, dorm room and kitchen included. Don't know what they mean by kithen. All they show is a table and coke machine. Their phone is listed call them, that way you Know for sure what is included. Good luck in your trip and training. Maybe let us know how it went.
I think calling them is the most direct way of finding out. And please let us know how it goes. Good luck and have fun!

I think this summer i will try and go to fairtex camp . I also wanna hear what they say. I want to train in MT and become good at it to go with my Judo/jujutsu skills.