Electri shinai/ kendo

Bob Hubbard

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Aug 4, 2001
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Sounds cool. How much punishment can the equipment withstand? How hard would this be to set up elsewhere?

And of course, can you do it to "Duel of the Fates"? (sorry, had to ask it) :)
But in all honesty, isnt the fun part that keeps it interesting? :)

I am basically a European style fencer. I have recently added to my club an electrically scored sword game. We use a modified shinai such that we can use our electric scoring equipment ( used in Olympic style fencing). The target ares are above the waist. We wear European fencing mask and electrically conducting gear for scoring a "touch". What do you folks think of this. It looks a lot like Kendo ,but because of the ease with which the touches are scored we must be very sneaky in preparing the arrack so the defender has no time to counter attack or parry. It is a very dificult game to score a single light on the machine.I'm just looking for feedback on this little attempt at cross pollination between the Asian and European arts.....

The gear can take quite a bit of a beating. The equipment can be problematic unless you belong to a fencing club. We are not as "strict" as many clubs. We are willing to push the envelope as long as we have fun. Some European fencers think what we do is crazy. Also, some Eastern fencers have told us that what we are doing is wrong because it has no spirit. Who knows? So far it has proven to be quite a lot of fun. So we keep on doing it.