Deficiencies in WSL teachings

I am however keen not to provide information to people whose interest is not honest, because the best way to discourage trolling is not to participate.

Trolling is trying to elicit a response for entertainment or other purposes. I am not interested in doing this. Judging from your posts to LFJ on this thread, it looks like you might be.

Oh my GOD! The irony is killing me!!!!! Opps! I'll probably get another warning from the mods now! ;)
How do the various videos of PB slapping students around who are giving him very little resistance NOT also qualify as a "demo style"??? :confused:

Haven't seen those videos.
Oh my GOD! The irony is killing me!!!!! Opps! I'll probably get another warning from the mods now! ;)

Believe me, it is a genuine pleasure not to have to answer what are in charitable terms your inane misunderstandings (in less charitable terms dishonesty and outright trolling). It gets tiring. Unfortunately you have been replaced by new people who appear just as logically challenged as you have always been.
Post your view please. No offence will be taken. I welcome the opportunity to learn from other perspectives.
Well... Very interesting question. Replying on behalf of my teacher who has studied the WSL system under 3 sublineages:
"It is more a matter of the way you are taught. Since Wing Chun develops mentality and tools, one can use them in different ways. I had been studying the system under one WSL's student, i supposed that finished it and after going to another WSL's student, things seemed completely different. But they were not. Everything was the same. What was different was the personal expression of each student. Example: One WSL's student is very tall, he will use tools that are ideal for longer distance. Another is very short, so he uses tools to keep a very short distance. If i stayed in one lineage, i would have missed the other part. It would not be a WSL deficiency. It would have been that i have not learned things completely. Wing Chun includes all kind of methods. E.g. methods to take advantage of your power (if you are stronger than your opponent), and tools to avoid using power (if your opponent is stronger). You just have to know the tools and how to use them."

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