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  • did you get my PM mate? I can't work out if they're sending properly or not.
    I'm alright mate how are you going.
    Glad you've got a class going thats great , you always sounded like you were keen to get some regular training partners happening.
    Teaching is progressing slowly , still trying to formulate a proper curriculum , at the moment I'm teaching them mostly Wing Chun with a bit of grappling and knife fighting stuff that I've done over the years.
    Got a young chinese bloke that trained for 18 months at the old school I was at , he's as fast as hell and he can get get through my guard sometimes if I'm not on the ball. At the other end of the spectrum I've got a 60 year old bloke thats never trained before and is giving it a go , so yeah its going good , could do with some more students but that will come in time.

    Keep your guard up.

    Yeah , how you going mate.
    I've actually started teaching some private students and it seems to be steadily growing just by word of mouth.

    I'm pretty busy these days specially as I travel to them and teach , and there all over metropolitan Sydney.

    I still come on here and have a quick look around , but to tell the truth its starting to get a bit boring with people asking the same questions all the time , and the stupid Wing Chun vs MMA type threads or the Wing Chun doesn't work type of posts.

    I just don't have the desire to try and argue with some **** over the internet and educate them about the finer points of Wing Chun , I just can't be bothered mate if you get what I mean.

    I mainly like to discuss the technical side of Wing Chun I really couldn't give a rats **** about what seems to be the yanks obsession with MMA and anything that isn't MMA is worthless.
    But anyway thanks for asking about me , hope your trainings going well .

    Keep your guard up.

    Ah, JT. Never heard of it mate. :D Then again, I've only been at BT for 5 or 6 months.

    Never really considered the implications of studying MAs and living in Jersey. I've been to Guernsey, Herm and Sark, and you live in a niiice part of the world. ;) Beats Wolverhampton anyway. :D

    I'm not actually a rider myself, am planning on booking my CBT later on in the year, when time/cash permits it.

    Alan Gibson? Is that the same Alan Gibson as "Why Wing Chun works"? Seems pretty good to me.

    As for your moniker, I figured as much, as in Steve Bull? :)
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