CNN Report on the Taliban



Anyone else see this on the 21st?

Hanging people from soccar posts and shooting them execution style? Those bastards are sick.
My wife dated a muslim long ago, and the Taliban's interpretation of Islam is pretty perverted. Basically, it just serves to keep them in power. In my view, it's an armed cult that managed to gain control of a third world country.

It won't break my heart to see them get a foot put up their ***.

Can I say *** here?:eek:
Well..... Looks like ya can. :) The censor didn't catch it, and lets be honest, ya hear worse in the school yard. I just entered in Carlins' famous 7. :)

Taliban - Well, from what I've seen of Afganistan, they are good for the country, in the sence that they did stabilize it. Yes they are very warped and yes, giant stone budda's dont stand a chance against their military might. BUT..... They have a very strict "warped even" view of Islam, and are incredibly represive in all ways. That county may need that though, as most of the population does not consider themselves Afgan, but members of the various tribes. It took the western world a long time to move beyond that concept. Hell, in 1864 the US went through a civil war where 1 of the many things being fought over was "am I an American or a Virginian?" (example). We have progressed, and the industrial world has too. Problem with Afgan is that as our generals have stated, target wise, it sucks. I think a better idea might be to airdrop a few million copies of Hustler or Penthouse, Playboy even on em. :D The Russians found out the hard way that trying to conquer em doesn't work, and you can only blow up that big pile of rock fo so long b4 ya get gravel.

If we can pinpoint the real enemy, good. I'm all for eliminating them. But carpet bombing a few farms will only cause to turn a population that already doesn't like us, into a group as dedicated to our elimination as those SOB's who hijacked those planes were to ours.

The Taliban isn't true Islam. Then again, neither were those hijackers. Most people don't understand that.

Pork products are taboo to muslims. If they are even buried with it they cannot go to heaven. When they catch ippy-dippy-bin-laden I say they bury him inside a big old pig carcass as the final insult.:mad:

Today the taliban is stating they can't seem to find this jack@ss. Right. Just like they said that when they asked him if he did it. He said no. Are these guys that stupid?:confused: