The bombing starts today...



So I see on CNN they started the bombing of Afghanastan.

I find it interesting that they are dropping humanitarian aid too. Its going to be interesting I think from a tactical perspective too. I mean, most milityary actions seem to be bomb, then grunt, then rebuild. One has to wonder if as we take territory, they start building factories, plumbing, farms, etc.
I am not sure a war like this has ever been fought, and I AM sure that it will define things for a lot of people for a long time to come.
It seems like they're doing something similar to the start of Desert Storm, namely, attempting to eliminate the air forces of the Taliban.

Listening to the radio this afternoon, an anonymous general said that it's getting difficult to find any other targets to bomb. We've pretty much annihilated everything we aimed for.

Being in Florida, some of us are a bit worried about the anthrax incidents. Sales of guns and gas masks have risen.

Well, given the economic climate of the country, did anyone actually think it would take long to blow up all the modern stuff? They are probably down to hidden bunkers, and maybe a few mobile command points. And alot of seasoned ground troops, who are trained at the sneaky stuff.

I hope they hold off a bit more before commiting ground forces...and once they do, that they finish the job.
Actually, all our surplus stores sold out of gas masks today. It was on the news. People in the USA are buying them all up.
Well, it looks like they're using 'bunker busting' bombs now and they may start sending special forces ground troops in soon.

Support our boys and girls in the Middle East.

If they sold cookies I'd buy at least a dozen.

It's odd to see this war in the news. You'd think they wouldn't want to announce what they are doing. I wonder how late we get the news after it's actually done and over?
Actually, Pres. Bush is mighty PO'd about a lot of the stuff getting leaked to the media. I expect the amount and specificity of the info coming out of Afghanistan will start ebbing soon.

As much as we've seen so far, do you notice that there is nowhere near the amount of coverage we got during Desert Storm?

According to various sources, there is a nationwide blanket alert for terrorist activity in the next few days.

According to one news source my wife found, some military installation is missing several hundred pounds of explosive.

Be careful, everybody.

The thing I hate is the way we have to change our lives even a bit because of these %$#@ing jerks.

Canada allocated 250 million to security etc this week. To equate that to dollars per person if the USA was to allocate the same amount it's be multiplied by 10 or 2.5 billion.
I'd say that I'm not letting it affect my life, but I can't, seeing as my stepson is joining the U.S. Army.

I'm not going to let it affect stuff like my daughter's birthday later this month.

Screw 'em. Terrorists are cowards at heart and I can't abide cowards.


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