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I would like to extend an open invitation to any and all practitioners of Ed Parker's American Kenpo to the CKF Online website. We offer news, event information and articles on everything Kenpo in the Parker/Planas lineage.

Peace in pieces,

Sandor Urban
CKF Florida Rep.
An excellent site. Lots of good information and news there. For example, I just found out Gil Hibben was a martial artist. Long time admirer of his knife work, (still got a few scars from 1 blade) I never new much about the man. Great bio on there. If youre a Hibben fan, check it out.

I love the CKF site. Very informative, and Potatoe Toes really knows his stuff.
I won a CKF contest once!
Yay me!
Rob, will your new school be a CKF school?
I will have to give that some serious consideration.

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