Chi, KI, Internal Energy



what are your thoughts on this?

do you believe in it?

have you used it?

your opinions are most appreciated! :asian:
I don't call it that, but your state of mind certainly has a huge bearing on your performance. I happen to be a power breaker. When I go to break I can't just walk up to 8+ boards (none spaced) and immediately break. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and become very calm. I then begin to psych myself up. I breath heavily, and try to develop a deep personal grudge against the boards. And at the moment when I KNOW I'm going through I start my preaction and go.

So no I don't believe in some kind of invisible internal energy, I do however believe that a huge performance increase can be seen by achieving the right mental state.
power breaking sounds excellent:)

i believe in inner energy. i have had it work for me and i have also learned how to use and control it with breathing and meditation.

some may say it is a myth but it is not magic. it is energy that lives inside each of us. you just need to learn how to develop it and use it to your advantage.
I believe in inner energy, how else can you explain why someone can break 8-10 bricks with their hands and not break their hand? Yes alot can be said for technique,forging and muscle strength, But that will only get you so far it is the inner energy one is able to use that allows them to do these feets.
true. everyone has it they just need to learn how to use it. my old teacher used to do a one inch break, meaning he was one inch from the board when he broke it. it was quite impressive. there was no room to wind up, it was all chi.
Yes, i believe in the creation, cultivation, and power of chi! I' have been practicing chi kung for about 4 years now and my martial abilities have increased 3 fold! Every time i hit my knuckles on the steel makiwara i know that even the control of pain in my body is at a minimun when i 'am getting the old chi out and creating & cultivating to new chi by my striking while meditating and using proper breathing. I also use reverse abdominal breathing for my motion studies. A simple experiment to check if chi is present within your body is to try and lift a 20 to 30 lb. dumbel with two fingers; most people cannot do this without straining pretty bad. Next go to the makiwara and hit it 1000 times with both hands while using proper standard breathing and keeping the tongue at the roof pallet of the mouth! Last go to the 20-30 or more pound weight without the bar connection and lift the weight with your thumb and middle finger shoulder height and lower it down without it slipping from your fingers. You will see yourself enlightened with your own power of chi representation. Sincerely, In Humility; Chiduce!
thanx for the great info. it is always nice to learn more about things from other members:)
My instructor would put his hand onthe side of my face and I could feel the energy. He would pull his hand away and my face would swell as if I had been hit,
I asked a few peole who witnessed this what he was dong they said they only saw what I just discibed.
He would also demonstrate a speed punch, a power punch, and a Chi punch. After flying 10-15 feet in the air and gasping for air I know the one he hits me with. and to watch that red area start too have a little white spot start growing as I felt my insides turn over is another story. Then he would place his hand on it and it went away.
I describe chi/ki/qi/internal energy/vital force/yaddayaddayadda to people as being one of three things:

1) A real force that exists in everyone that can be tapped through proper training.

2) A technique of visualization used to properly align bones and muscle to yield maximum results with minimal effort.

3) Nonexistent.

They can choose whatever one they want. I'm not going to force my own personal views (number 2) on anybody.

Actually before I started training in Aikido... I honestly beleived that Chi\Ki was a party trick or some sort of Hollywood thing for the movies.

But after 3 years of hard work and training I'm starting to use chi/ki more and find when I do the aikido techniques become smoother and more flowing..

I can also feel when someone tries to sneek up behind me.. as my nephew trys to see if he can hit me on the head from behind;)

Also if your walking though a crowded street and extend enough chi/ki you don't get pushed or shoved...
I have to admit that I'm more along the lines of Cthulhu's second opinion. What do you guys that experience this force in these ways (and I belive you) have to say about developing these things? Breathing concentrated training?
I've been training in Ki Soceity Aikido for 3 years... we are constantly tested for extending ki during class and at major gradings there is a ki test.

one good test which is very difficult is standing and having a person at each side of you... then have the two people holding your arms at the side and lifting you...

If you're not extending chi/ki then you get lifted very high in the air... but if you are extending ki towards the floor through your fingers then they cannot lift you...

I've had this done to me quite a few times and it works each time you extend your ki...

one big male can usually lift a female... but two big males couldn't when your extending ki...:D
I too agree with Cthulhu. My instructor can break just the bottom of 2 or more boards. After explaining this to one of the black belts in our class his was doing the same thing after a few days of practice. He was not 100% with it but nonetheless was performing the spot break. I believe it's all in proper technique.
shinzu, there is FAR too much evidence recorded by martial artists attesting to the existence of chi. i have felt it personally and seen demonstrations that have nothing to do with "proper body mechanics".............respects.
chi is real it can be cultivated it can be used... it can not knock someone out from across the room or levitate a person but it can increase your power and even protect you from a limited amount of harm... for that i would suggest checking out iron shirt chi gung... i have used it i have been working at cultivating chi for about 6 years now and i have used it for relaxing strained or pulled muscles and... i also do a few power breaks and use chi training during them as well... another demonstration is the one inch punch or even speed breaks... also a technique in my style called cotton fist its a soft style technique that involves chi it inflects a great amount of damage and leaves almost no signs of attack such as bruising
rich, i never stated that i didn't believe in chi. infact i try to develop more and train with it whenever i can. i believe it is a great asset to any martial artist.
oh no, my statement was in agreement with you...........youll have to bear with me im getting married in a week and im basically a VEJITUBBLE.
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On Chi: When I was comeimg up thrugh the ranks it was common for us to have nights where we would do 500-1000 or more push ups or sit ups in a night. I would get so tired that I was falling on my face When we missed one, we did the next one, somewhere along the line we would miss 3 or 4 but always did the next one we could. At some point the mind set changed and from that point on the excercises where eazy, going all night at that point was no problem.
When fighting would sometimes fight to the point of total exaustion. We might have been fighting 1, 2, 3, or maybe 5 people at time. when we went down no one stoped hitting us we either reached inside and found something to draw on so we could get up, or we got pummeled. Sometimes when I got up The world moved in slow motion, and when I would hit someone, they flew across the room, and had huge bruises on them.
Is these ways Chi is developed ? Maybe.
Can it be developed through Sanchin or Chi Gong? Maybe
Is it there to tap into ? YES
Shadow :asian: