ChatRoom Confusion and Clarification (I hope)

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Aug 4, 2001
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Theres been some confusion on the chat room.

I'm going to (hopefully) clear things up a bit here.

1- Rules :
We are working on an 'official' set of guidelines for both our members and moderators to use in there. In the mean time, I ask that everyone follow a few basics:
- Keep it friendly!
- If you are offended by someones comments, please inform a chat mod.
- If you are being harrassed, please inform a chat mod.

Chat takes on a whole new dimention, and conversations can get hot, racy, and confusing as things ebb and flow. Please work with us to set up acceptable guidelines that will work for everyone.

2 Private messages in Chat
To send a private message in the chat room, you have 3 ways:
type in either of the following:
/TO Person Message
/MSG Person Message

For example, if I wanted to send arnisador a private message in chat I would type in /to arnisador hello stick mon

arnisador would then see in the chat window the message
[Kaith]>[arnisador] hello stick mon

Another way to send a private message is to click on the persons name in the chat window. This will auto enter the /TO info for you.

Please be aware, this sometimes leaves your cursor at the beginning of the message, which causes your private message to be public. Please check before hitting send.

We have another thread here for suggestions and improvements to the chat room. Please take a look at it and share your thoughts there.

We are working on setting up a core group of chat mods to help maintain a friendly atmosphere in there, but need time to build the numbers. Thank you for your patience as we continue the roll out and development of this new and exciting feature.

Thank you!
I tried to enter and it said Action Canceled. What is wrong?
I suggest warnings as follows:

First, a public warning. If it's outside the bounds of content that
you find inappropriate, then something like "Please keep the
conversation at a PG rating" (G, or PG-13 whatever you decide).
If it's rude, then "Please keep the conversation polite and
respectful". If done publicly, those present can inquire as to what
the offense was, and that way we all learn

A second private warning, of "Please refrain from using
rude/inapropriate content".

A third of "this is an official warning, continuing your actions will
result in a X-hour ban".

X number of bans = longer ban, X number of long bans =
permanent ban.

If the mods decide what rating to be, then y'all will have to
discuss that even further. IMO you shouldn't go more
conservative than that of prime time television.
We did get ahead of ourselves a bit in the rush to bring out the chat! We try to use that type of consistency on the forum and want something simialr for chat.

Mon Mon, try again--I suspect that was a one-time thing. AOL users have been having trouble however.

-MT Admin-
I have kept trying repeatidly I get into the Chat but I it says action canceld and all I see Then is the place where I singed In Ealrier.
Mon Mon,
Please post up your Operating System, and which web browser (including version) that you are using.

I'll try and get some things for you to check then.

Originally posted by Kaith Rustaz
Mon Mon,
Please post up your Operating System, and which web browser (including version) that you are using.

I'll try and get some things for you to check then.


Mon MOn was on for a short period this evening in the log,
He migt not been truly on though? I was not there :(