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That's it....

for the introductory launch of the Kenpo study group...

we will have...

Mr. Farmer
Rob Broad
& crushing fist...

The topic will be Infinite Insights vol 1

If you have a copy of the book your good, if not, wait until the next group. It will be an approx 3 week mail list string. Bear with me since this is new to me. But let see how it works. I'm at work and don't have my II with me so I'll email the above with the details on the learning discussion schedule. It should be very good. We'll be going cvr to cvr...hopefully everyone will learn something and contribute with their insight in various ways.

Please send me your email addresses so I can get you all on the mail list...

Thanks, jb

[email protected]
[email protected]

Not a problem. Of course one of my students just wanted to borrow my copy of the book today!! :rofl:

Easy tho she reads fast and I have read it 3-5 times already.

Count me in and what is next.

Originally posted by c2kenpo

Count me in and what is next.


Respond to the mail list invite that you should receive shortly and tomorrow I'll forward a rough agenda/topic time schedule for the group.

At this point we just need you, nightingale & Mr. Farmer to reply to joining the mail list and we're ready to roll...

Thanks, jb
Originally posted by Elfan

How is it going?


It had been going pretty good then I got caught up in a huge final presentation for a class (40% of grade) and now I'm getting over the flu so it's going a little slow right now. My concentration is like zero right now. We got through the first few chapters. Although it is not required that I initiate discussion on the group I hope to pick it back up, with my comments, as soon as I'm feeling better.

Cool! Glad to see its sorta working out when you arn't sick.

Which book are you doing?
Originally posted by Elfan
Cool! Glad to see its sorta working out when you arn't sick.

Which book are you doing?

II vol 1

It was just a little touch of the flu. I'm back up and kickin now (low of course).

Originally posted by Elfan
So how's it going now?

I kind of fell off. I think the best way to approach it is to take a specific technique, principle or concept and then go from there. The book club idea depends too much on people "reading". Also people need to get used to replying to a mail list.

Will try it again in the next couple of months...

It started off well enough, but I think the holidays approaching also made it difficult for peope to split their time with yet another task. I loved what had read of everybody's input. Made me think twice about how the same material can be percieved by different levels.

When ever the book club gets back up and running please let me know I would be interested in participating once again.
Originally posted by nightingale8472
a message board rather than a mail list might be easier.

Well a forum is like a form, a lot of things are covered and everyone is working on it. A maillist can be used like a set and breakdown a specific topic and encourage a greater deal of synergy. It can also get people to respond that might not normally give input and you can do it straight from your email.
Add me in. I'd like to see how this goes, but I'm not sure I manage my time well enough to do this right.

However, I'm willing to try and it sounds like a great idea.

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