Biting & Eye gouging are over rated!


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May 26, 2002
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Why is it Every time i hear about
Biting & eye gouging it is
From A Traditional Martial Artist???

Who ether can't Grappel Or hates Grappling???

Im not saying there Bad for the steets!!!!

But it sounds like *****
When this is the top defence.

How often do U practise this!
Also if U can bite him / her
They can bite U.

Eye gouging
Again sounds good for the streets
But if U can Eye Gouge him / her
They have just as much a chance.

Ok the big one. I practise when i eat!
How many people have U bit???/
For me there tomany people i don't want to taste.

If i had no choice fine in the steets thats fine
Grappling does work in the streets.
It has it's place.

No it is not for mutipal Opponents
But What art is??????????
Sorry but biting and eye gouging are not so over rated if you dont teach options than it is infermation that in lost .Walk a mile in the shoe that has used this sort of weapon you probubly have more strength in you jaw than any where in your body cant speak from experience on that on but eye gouging I can lets just say it took the fight right out of him.

As for the multiple attacks look into AMERICIAN KENPO that is what we gear for reality. modern situations.

What Movie was This??????????????/
Horrible argument. By the same token, both punching AND kicking are overrated and useless because when I'm in range to do either, so are they.

I do and love grappling and would definitely encourage biting or eye gouging (or ripping out, whatever I have to do get them off of me) in self-defense. If nothing else, they won't be able to see what else I'm doing when I'm jamming my fingers inside their head. Gross? Yeah, but I don't care, I want to live!

I practice eye gouges and bites. I don't actually bite the person, because everyone can bite a person, but I'll place the eye gouges without force when doing self-defense. Obviously it's not used in sparring situations! I mean, do you want YOUR eyes to get poked? It's dangerous for the person gettting poked, which is why it's effective when you don't care for the safety of the person you're defending yourself against.

Don't take the "It sucks because it comes from a traditional MAist" approach.

EVERYTHING has it's time and place.
Mr. Speakman told us in a seminar around 1992 that with AIDS and what not going around, he wasn't too interested in Full Contact matches anymore and for the same reason he would hesitate to bite in a real encounter.

I agree with that. Too much possibility you can get a disease. Maybe it is better to give them your wallet or pin number. ;)

And I'm glad someone else said it, American Kenpo is designed to defeat multiple opponents and I have heard varying degrees of emphasis placed on this over the years. But the whole "overskill" thing is designed to let you change targets while in motion whether against one opponent that you are trying to hit multiple times, or against multiple opponents you are trying to hit 2-3 times.
I got attacked with a knife a few weeks ago and the attacker also bit me.

I wasn't impressed.

I used to think that American Kenpo didn't really get too into my fave move from boxing, the headbutt. But really they do. Both rear and front. Still looking for the side headbutt but I sure can insert it in techniques.

I suppose, like anything, headbutts and bites etc have a time and place.
What ever you say defenses like this can never go wrong. I have been training for over ten years and i would find nothing wrong w/ biting or gouging the eyes. This is like the people who think you shouldn't fight dirty. There is no such thing as a dirty fight. Whem my life is on the line I will try anything.
It's not bad for self defence.
But if this is all ya got
Then 10 years is in the :toilclaw:
Eye gouges and bites are a means to an end, not a stand alone technique. If someone punches me and I use an eye gouge on them, they'll be irritated and possibly too sore to carry on. or they might go nuts and fight harder. Ooops.

On the other hand, if I use the eye gouge to throw the opponent into the ground, then kick or punch him hard with the ground removing the chance of him moving with the blow, he's NOT getting back up again!
I never sais they were not good just
And if U can get there Eye's they
Can Get yours!

My reason for this post!

Is Every time i her someone
Say if a Grappler takes me to
the ground i will just bite him
& eye gough him.

Usaly it's a Karate guy with
a 7th dagree black belt
Or another high ranking Tradisonal Martial Artist.

Fact is a fact if U bit them U only succed in
Ticking them off.

If u put a figer in there U
Must hope they never see U again
Cause they wont for get.

And if U train for 10,20 plus years
& this is all U can do then i say it was
for nothing.

Grappling is not better just different.
& like my Self i have to belive

That they are traing stand up Fighting as Well.
You mades osme good points. I train in a traditional karte but we realize that not all fights stay standing up that is why we have started to integrate judo and ju-jitsu. I'm not the best in the world at these types of things so my natural reaction would probably be to bite or gouge just so that I could get to a situation in the fight where i'm more comfortable.
I agree with that
U are give your sevf aptions.
This is my entire point.
I to train stand up & Wepons.

Submissons are my better techniques.
But i do not limit my self.

Biting will only tick them off? If I were to bite you I would cling to you with my arms keeping your head close while grinding my teeth through your jugular until you were bleeding to death. Ya that would piss you off alot, dying sucks.

Seriously though, biting to me is a life and death type technique. If we were going to just grapple I would grapple.

Using the argument that if I can bite he can te too is silly, that goes the same for ALL techniques, but does he know how to do it well and can he position himself properly and inflict tremendous damage with it?

And karate guys you talk to say they will do those techniques because your right, they don't know how to grapple so their techniques are limitted to what they know, doesnt mean it wont work.. it might if hes good or it might not.

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