Let me just say again how tired I am of seeing anonymous posts on the net. If you can't stand behind the words you post then there's a simple solution, DON'T. I'm tired of reading posts about this and that from faceless, nameless, tiresome people with something to hide or fear. Please, put some info in your profile so we know who and what you are and represent. Without it, you're always going to be an anonymous noboby,

Have a great Kenpo day

While it's true that one's words are apt to be taken more seriously if one identifies themselves and in that regard this is fair advice, I would like to make clear that MartialTalk policy does allow anonymous posting.

-MT Admin-
While I would agree with Clyde for the most part, people do need to be cautious to some extent about how much info they give out online.

I use my first name and my AIM Name online. However, nobody will ever see me post anonymous or as anything other than Kris or Nightingale, so there's never any doubt whether or not a post is from me.

I think for the most part, lacking a trackable online identy (either here or on kenponet) is rather cowardly. If you don't want to use your name, at least use the same alias so we have some idea of who's talking. I think that if something is worth saying (or typing, in this case) that it is something worth standing by and signing your name to.

-Kris (Nightingale8472)

Originally posted by arnisador

While it's true that one's words are apt to be taken more seriously if one identifies themselves and in that regard this is fair advice, I would like to make clear that MartialTalk policy does allow anonymous posting.

-MT Admin-

But even the identity can be falsified, therefore the person can remain anonymous if they choose to. Hiding behing an unreal identity.
Isn't technology great?!?!?!?!?!?
There is nothing we can do to 100% verify the identity of a poster. Using Clyde as an example here, he signs with his name, and I assume that his avatar is his picture. That withstanding, we checked no ID before activating his account. To be honest, to do so, we would have to require a faxed copy of a legal ID, a creditcard number (this weeds out most kids), a non-free email address (no more hotmail, yahoo, etc addys) and possibly a noterized, registered letter.

What would this mean? Simple...we'd have 5 members and 20 posts.

I agree with him...its a royal PITA to deal with folks hiding behind anonymous, but we really have no easy, reliable way to require real names, AND enforce it. Hell, my handle looks like a real name. Kaith is a legit name, as is Rustaz. I Kaith..or am I Bob? :D
That would be a tough fight! I am not sure who would win????

Seriously, I understand the people who wish to remian hidden behind the internet, And to an extent that is acceptable. IF they issue challeneges and/or other flaming remarks it will become quite clear that either they are childish and or just ignorant/stupid.

If for some reason they believe it necessary to remain in the shadows than so be it. the reason may include an organization thatdisagrees with their view points, or even to the fact of a stalking ex-spouse.

People here are grown up enough in general to either ignore or respond accordingly.

Just my thoughts after a few beers :D so I may not be in my right mind.

Anonymity is a two-edged sword. On one hand, even though I disagree, at times, with some of the posting, the folks who sign their names deserve an amount of respect for that. On the other hand, I have seen some really interesting posts and threads started where the original poster's name is never known.

I think the desire for posters to put their information all the time is more a situational thing. If we all agree with it, it doesn't matter. If we don't agree, then we want to know who it is so we can go choke them! :lol: :lol: :lol:

It's called freedom folks, and I suspect it is here to stay, at least until the government gets involved.

I've often thought about asking people to put their picture up on this board. Then I realized that pictures can be falsified as well. If not putting anything in their bio we could see by face who was behind the keyboard. I personally will stand behind anything I've said or typed. I just changed my avatar so people could see my picture.
agree most of it...
how about a MA Get together ?? :p i wouldn't be coming for one heehehe...i don't hav that kind of money(m student) :(
that would be quite good like now if person can be falsified then try touching hands in GT?? u'll know how much in water he can stand?? :D
that's my idea...
anyways i m Varun, 21 yr old Guy, 5,10 inc, weighs around 78 kg,
lives in India, do TKD, Taichi...
here's my bio...
but i still think annonimity shouldn't be treated like a curse even in MA community..
budoseek implies this rule of putting ur name... now it depend very much on the honor of person...
I thinkl that nightingale8472 makes a good point about a consistent online identity being nearly as good as non-anonymity. I have many people I consider e-friends whom I've never met and that I know only by a handle but i still consider them friends and perhaps even share confidences with them; of course, I wouldn't let one babysit my kids. E-friendships are different but can still be very real.

Just about anyone who's ever e-mailed me about MartialTalk knows who I am because I reply from my real address. For me not using my name and asking others to not use it to refer to me is principally a matter of keeping my professional life on the web separate from my personal life on the web.

But for some there's also the philosophical issue of not wanting to be judged by who they are (e.g., a high-ranking black belt who may be always viewed as right, or a person with much experience but no rank who may fear being not listened to beacuse of it), but simply by what they say.
Originally posted by ProfessorKenpo

Let me just say again how tired I am of seeing anonymous posts on the net.

I don't have a problem with anonymity at all. The only thing I know about a post on the 'net is what's in the post; while I may glance at a profile, and believe what's there at face value, I certainly don't put much stock in it. Not enough to color my opinion of the post, anyway.

Consider this: You post something, and I post a disagreement with your post (like right now :) ). Now, you sound like a Nice Clyde, and I'm guessing that's the case, but I don't know you, have never met or seen you, and probably never will, so for all I know you're actually a Mean Clyde, or maybe even a Psychopathic Clyde. On top of that, the forum is about martial arts of all kinds, and you might just know something about one or more of them. So if I have my full name in my profile, and I happen to live in your area, and you turn out to be a Psychopathic Clyde, you might just come after me, and beat the hell out of me.

As to the fact that I have my name in my profile at all, so what? If I say, "that handsword in 'Delayed Sword' is all wrong, it should be downward elbow to the back of the head, since your opponent will be bending over if you do the kick right," what difference does is make if my name is Rich? What if I'd signed it "Bob," would you not disagree with it? What if I'd signed it "Black Belt Jones"? Why does not signing it at all make it any more or less valid? If I don't sign it, that doesn't make me an "anonymous nobody," it makes me an "anonymous somebody," and what I have to say is still out there. I'd say agree/disagree with the content, not the man/woman who makes it. To me, that's what 'net bulletin boards are all about.

There are other, less obvious advantages to anonymity. Racists, sexists, whateverists, are less likely to post nonsense in response to a post simply because they believe it was written by someone they hate because of the color of their skin, gender, whatever. Conversely, someone in one of those groups who has experienced some form of discrimination might be more likely to contribute something of value if they know that the reason that they were discriminated against in the past can't be an issue.


P.S.: You are a Nice Clyde, aren't you? ;)
What it comes down to, is we all get judged by our actions. On forums, it's our words. More so, how we interact with others, express ourselves, manners (or lack of), and our ideas. Here you are at the least required to register and it's moderated. So I can't just come on using any name I wish (like the other place).

To borrow Goldendragon7's quote:
Time will either promote you or expose you!

This is true for this medium also. I've gained quite a bit of respect for people I didn't know over time. Others have lost some measure.
Martial talk is better than some other forums, because although it allows anonymity, it requires you to only have one ID and to post consistantly with that ID. That way, they can ban trolls. Other forums don't have this restriction, and get trolled a lot.
and they do watch for trolls and get rid of them....... there are probably a couple being watched closely due to their insulant posts and may even be on the chopping block as we speak!

:rofl: :asian:
Patently, there isn't a chance in hell of getting people to use their names. It'd be nice, because with very few exceptions the reasons that were given for not using one's name are laughable. Exceptions: people under political pressure in an oppressive country, and women. But from what I've seen, folks are usually simply hiding behind anonymity to hurl insults, or provoke arguments, or ride a political hobbyhorse.

I think that a martial arts forum is different, and maybe that a kenpo forum is differenter still. Without going excessively far into this, aren't the arts supposed to have a tradition of honor? of facing up to consequences? to open challenge? And isn't kenpo supposed to be a "martial science?" (I just love that fantasy dojo in "Perfect Weapon.") Doesn't science rest on, "show me," on putting your claims out there in your own name and trying to back them up?

Oh well. No point in worrying over this one. Ain't gonna happen.

Let's start a string to classify all the different handles folks use?
dang!! You mean Ive been using my own name this whole time when i could have been anonymous???

rmcrobertson I concur, well said
Originally posted by Kaith Rustaz
Using Clyde as an example here, he signs with his name, and I assume that his avatar is his picture.

Damn, he's really THAT ugly?


Originally posted by Goldendragon7
It is annoying talking to the wall. But then again I talk to CD Hall and Gou..... so what's the difference.

Har, dee, har, har...

I have an e-mail address, AIM, ICQ, etc. If people want to talk with me I'm not hiding.

Mostly though I hate everyone so why would I want to talk to anyone?