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Milt G.

Milt G.

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Jul 11, 2009
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Hillsboro, OR.
It is true that JSA practitioners have a reputation for exaggerated nit-pickiness (stereotyped and deserved or not). However, I have found this to be true of a certain fraction of ANY sword art's adherents.

The surest way to receive a crap-load of criticism (sometimes helpful, sometimes not) is to post a youtube of yourself doing Messer, Longsword, Rapier, Saber, or whatever over on the western sword arts section of SFI. While I don't hang there much any longer, I can recall just about one such thread that only got a little criticism and that was by noted Highland Broadsword instructor Chris Thompson.

For that matter, posting video of any martial arts, armed or not, tends to invite criticism (sometime snarky, sometimes constructive). It's just human nature. That said, the response for sword arts often seems heightened in comparison with non-sword arts.

The criticisms thus far in this thread have had minimal snarkiness, which, I think, speaks well of the community here.

Peace favor your sword,
Thanks for your input... I appreciate it! :)
Milt G.