1. K

    BJJ hardcore sparring

    Hello Does any one know of good schools in Illinois USA that teaches BJJ with hardcore sparring? What I mean by hardcore sparring is competition, MMA, or street fight situations where the guy comes at you full force. They also train against punches and kicks. Thank you Kingofjong
  2. Ivan

    Drilling or Rolling to improve?

    Hi guys I was hoping I could get some advice for improving my BJJ. I am currently struggling in understanding how to improve my BJJ. When I worked on my boxing it was fairly simple; I would take one technique or one footwork drill and practice to exhaustion or perfection. But it's a little...
  3. M

    Struggling with sparring/rolling as a female

    I've started to get back into Muay Thai (5x a week), strength training (2x a week) and then BJJ gi and no gi (5x a week), which is manageable for me. But the issues im having is: For Muay Thai: Everyone I spar with is a male and usually over 6ft and just built like an absolute unit, im 5'4 on a...
  4. Ivan

    How do you spar someone who is faster than you?

    I was at my local kickboxing gym and I feel that I have made some improvement in terms of being more aggressive in sparring. However, one of the instructors that I spar with is considerably faster than me - given that my main tactics when it comes to sparring are to outbox and rely on punishing...
  5. Ivan

    Dealing with fast jabs

    Hey guys, how's it going? I was recently allowed to try out for the Amateurs Boxing team in my gym by attending a session. At the end of the session, we had a couple of rounds of sparring. I always look to pair up with people who seem bigger or more skilled than me, as I believe that I should...
  6. Diaitadoc

    New Sparring League - Halifax, NS

    Hey everyone, just wanted to post a link to our new Halifax Sparring Club, HaliSpar. Log In or Sign Up to View Our first season starts September 5th from 7pm-9pm, and runs every Sunday until November 28th. The club is open to all martial artists, regardless of style or skill level. It is...
  7. Ivan

    Inexperienced in hard sparring

    Hey guys, Ive just been taking a summer break from studying and returned home to my parents new house (they moved while I was abroad). I immediately found some kickboxing classes and a gym and trained as hard as I could. I took part in the sparring, and I found myself to have improved great...
  8. Ivan

    Criticise my boxing

    I have just been training with my friends as it was a nice day outside and I have two clips of me doing some drills. I was hoping I could get some criticism on my technique. I am the guy in the red tank top. The first video above is a drill of me doing some head movement, specifically...
  9. M

    How often i am gonna get kicked in the nuts if i join a martial arts class?

    Do i really gonna need a cup?How much those absorb the impact,i heard that after a few kicks they can breake. I won't buy a new cup every month
  10. Ivan

    Correct posture whilst in fighting stance?

    I have been thinking over this topic for a very long time now. About a year. I have videos of myself trying different techniques so that I could look back on my technique, and also some sparring/playfighting with a cousin of mine. These videos date as far back as a year and some of these videos...
  11. Ivan

    Has anyone managed to use spears in sparring succesfully?

    I have managed to use them quite a bit in taekwondo, but only because I have been strengthening my fingers for a while now - I can do two finger pushups, which is one of my proudest accomplishments hahaha. But how do you guys use them? I've been avoiding it, due to posing a greater risk, and it...
  12. snake_monkey

    Light Sparring Highlights 2017

  13. Ivan

    I need help with finding a new fighting stance

    I mainly do Boxing and Tae Kwon Do. However, I am having a lot of trouble mixing the skills that I have learnt from from both of these styles together. Everything is fine when I am sparring in boxing, since I don't have to worry about my boxing stance not being comfortable for kicks. To clarify...
  14. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Vs TKD sparring

    I think this guy did and excellent job showcasing his WC techniques while landing strikes and controlling the opponent. What are some things you see. I hate seeing people just stand there stagnate waiting for someone to walk in on them. This was pretty good. What are your thoughts?
  15. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Sparring

    What are your thoughts on the Wing chun sparring clip
  16. Ivan

    Overcoming the fear of sparring a specific opponent, and my bad habits

    I am a green belt. I don't know too much about belts in taekwondo, and whether it differs unedrneath separate boards, so I am the third belt you're given under the board WRSA (it goes white, yellow, green etc). As a green belt, I am now allowed to spar more frequently; I now spar (usually)...
  17. D

    Information About Shorin Ru

    Can anyone explain the rules of Shorin Ryu sparring? I cannot seem to find this information online. I get the gist, but I know some forms of Karate do not allow punches to the face. Does Shorin Ryu sparring allow punches to the face? Thank you.
  18. J. Casey Pendleton

    ISSHINRYU TOURNAMENTS: Katas and Sparring

    In watching some tournament point fighting on youtube, it appears that some folks are competing in the traditional gi for katas, and then changing into a sparring style uniform for the kumite, is this the case? I would think that the sparring uniform would provide a less restrictive movement...
  19. D

    How take a hit well

    Hey guys, I sometimes struggle with fear of getting hit, but I dont want let it affect me, especially when it comes to sparring. How do you guys face this fear?
  20. Choistic

    I need help turning my Dojang around. (LONG POST)

    (Originally Posted on Reddit) I need help turning my Dojang around. (LONG POST) r/martialarts To whoever is reading this, I go to a Kukkiwon Studio. I am currently a 4th keup (Red belt) in Kukkiwon Style Taekwondo. Recently, I have gotten very concerned about the quality of my studio. It...
  21. S

    Practicing for 6 weeks - seeking sparring advice/help/guidance

    Good morning and happy November 1st! My name is Sarah and I'm new to this forum as well as new to martial arts. I wanted to introduce myself and to put some questions/concerns out there in hopes of receiving advice/help/guidance. I'm a 33 year old female. I've wanted to participate in...
  22. N

    On Cross-training and "Making Stuff Work" (with clips)

    I know that there are a range of opinions on the idea of cross-training. Most people I meet in person seem to be in favor of it. Personally, I think that my time in other arts has been quite productive. I think it's useful to expose oneself to many different styles/masters. Perhaps others feel...
  23. D

    Karate vs TKD

    Okay so as far as I know neither of these guys are grand masters. I don't know how much they train but I have no reason to suspect that they are anything other than average examples of their arts. My question is what do you think about their sparring? How do you rate their tactics and...
  24. O

    I need some advice regarding fear.

    Ive practiced Martial Arts since grade school, I enjoy the whole thing the drills, the forms, the sparring, the tournaments, etc. About 6 months ago I injured one of my peers during practice, I was doing a Morote Seoi Nage something went wrong and I broke his arm. I didnt intent to do so I...
  25. D

    Practicing Sparring without a Partner

    Hey guys, Im new here. As you can see from my name, I study Taekwondo. I need help. If I need to practice sparring, but dont have access to sparring partner, how can I practice?
  26. AngryHobbit

    Sparring gear - mouthpieces

    All! I have trouble using regular mouthpieces when sparring. Even the smaller, softer ones properly molded to my teeth are still too big and make me gag. My dentist says I have a "unique" anatomy (note to all - NEVER a good thing to hear from your dentist): my mouth is too small for a grownup...
  27. K

    Axe Kicks in Karate?

    Ive only recently started my karate training, earning my 6th kyu, but I have my first dan in tangsoo do and gongkwon yusul and my 2nd dan in TKD. I love using axe kicks in Taekwondo sparring but since transitioning to shotokan karate I notice no one throws it. So really my question is in...
  28. AngryHobbit

    I hate sparring. I love sparring.

    After eight years of a more traditional aikido training, with challenging but somewhat scripted attack lines, some grappling, and some striking (but with the instruction to never touch the target if practicing striking with a person), I've now had some exposure to sparring - and I am convinced...
  29. K

    TKD Sparring- Why aren't front kicks thrown?

    While the simple answer to why front kicks aren't thrown is that the kick is usually done with the top of the foot and there isn't a scoring area for that kind of front kick. However if the toes are pulled back and the kick is executed with the ball of the foot being the point of impact would...
  30. andyscriven

    Reading Kicks & Movement in Sparring.

    I use this drill with my students and in my own training. I found it really good for reading the movement of my opponent. As its a safe drill beginners like it and they learn the motion of blocking in addition to being kicked at full speed. It would be interesting to see how practitioners...