New Sparring League - Halifax, NS


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Oct 23, 2018
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Halifax, NS
Hey everyone, just wanted to post a link to our new Halifax Sparring Club, “HaliSpar”.

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Our first season starts September 5th from 7pm-9pm, and runs every Sunday until November 28th.

The club is open to all martial artists, regardless of style or skill level.

It is divided into six leagues:

Clinch League (Tuishou)
Strike League (Kickboxing)
Throw League (Shuai Jiao)
SanDa league (SanDa)
Grappling League (Grappling)
Lei Tai League (MMA)

Each league is divided into 4 divisions:

Beginner (most rules, most protective equipment, simplest winning conditions)
Intermediate (less rules, less protective equipment, harder winning conditions)
Advanced (least rules, least protective equipment, hardest winning conditions)
Elite (same as advanced but with more skilled opponents)

Seasons are run as ladder leagues, with participants able to challenge other participants up to two rungs higher up the ladder.

A system of cumulative points, determined by match performance, is used to arrange the ladder before every meet.

Each division & league has specific point thresholds (ex Beginners Division, Clinch League = 0 points; Intermediate division, Strike League = 480 points) which determines which division & league people are allowed to participate in.

People can join the League at any time before the seventh meet, so if you’re in Halifax, look us up!