1. D

    Return to judo or try something else?

    Hi, im 19 and i used to do judo when i was a bit younger but i ended up leaving because my old coach was a bit of a dick and made me feel uncomfortable (i left at orange belt). Since i was young to present i always watched mma and grappling like ADCC, One SG,Olympic judo, olympic wrestling etc...
  2. Ivan

    What takedowns should I focus on?

    Hey guys, as you know I have been focusing a lot more on grappling now and although I've been off due to elbow pain, I've started to make a return by just doing one light session weekly with some friends and working towards building it up. I am much more comfortable playing bottom positions such...
  3. MetalDragon

    Hello, I haven't officially started my journey in martial arts, but intend to.

    I am a 21 year old man with an interest in martial arts, for the following reasons: A- I intend to get more physical exercise than I have been getting. Although I can speed-walk on the treadmill for about a half hour, this is far from sufficient and I need something to train my muscles and fine...
  4. R

    I need help with my training

    I' m young boy who did judo for 6 years and taekwondo for now 4 month. Since coronavirus all my dojo closed. So, I want to stay in shape for when they reopen but I dont know how to train. I dont have a partner or some materials. So can u give some training or advice. my goal is to upgrade my...
  5. Ivan

    Legendary grapplers

    I have been involved in martial arts for almost my entire life. However, apart from some judo classes as a kid, and some japanese jiujitsu classes I didn't fully appreciate as a teenager, I have only ever been involved in striking: Taekwondo, Boxing, Kikcboxing, Capoeira etc. I picked up BJJ...
  6. WhiteBeltNoStripe

    Jacksonville, FL

    I'm being relocated to Jacksonville, FL and am looking for a new school to train. After an hour or so of internet searching, I'm really no closer at finding a school I'm interested in. This surprises me as Jacksonville is a huge city and there are hundreds of schools, but nothing is standing...
  7. P

    Hey Im new here!

    Hey Everyone! I just got into blogging and wanted to share it here and see what yall think Black Belt Writer A dojo for a Black Belts thoughts Im also new to doing forums so this is all really exciting for me. Thanks for having me!
  8. T

    Koran Names for Throws: take 2!

    Hey everyone. So I have been digging into research and talking with people born and raised in Korea. A lot of these come from Yudo, but I have brought together a collection of the names for some general throws in Korean. This is not an exstensive list and every system has different variations...
  9. B

    Advancement time in judo

    How long did it take for you to get a judo black belt? How frequently were belts awarded? Also is 1 class a week even worth it considering all that?
  10. B

    Cross training hapkido with judo, arnis, TKD or a mixture 3

    I'm currently training at a place that offers hapkido (which I'm currently doing) TKD, and arnis. There's also a school offering judo once a week($50 for 10 classes) not far from where I'm already training. My question is ultimately which would be better, crossing hapkido(mon-wed) and arnis(sat...
  11. whitebeltforever

    funny moments in judo class

    hope the link works... clearly i need a few more hundred years of training!! xD on Instagram: Halarious moments in judo class teacher: 101, lizzy: -79 #whitebelt #blackbelt #funny #judo #martialarts #funnymoments色
  12. Sensei Becker

    Danzan Ryu

    I want to incorporate more of the go to wazas in Daito Ryu and Danzan Ryu into Kenpo Karate. I like the Ken Ju Ryu idea.
  13. whitebeltforever

    How many times a week should a beginner train?

    At the moment I'm averaging 2 - 3 classes a week, and was wondering if this is enough for progress? i have other activities too but was wondering, how many times everyone trains per week? What is your goal in judo, and does your training routine align with your goals? Are you training more or...
  14. whitebeltforever

    The biiiig C word and finding my way in martial arts

    Hi everybody! I remember reading the "When will you quit" post on here a few years ago and thinking oh my godddd i really hope i dont quit!! I am going to do my practices every week and and and i will blah de blah de blah blah i really really hope that i don't quit! I came back to class the...
  15. O

    I need some advice regarding fear.

    Ive practiced Martial Arts since grade school, I enjoy the whole thing the drills, the forms, the sparring, the tournaments, etc. About 6 months ago I injured one of my peers during practice, I was doing a Morote Seoi Nage something went wrong and I broke his arm. I didnt intent to do so I...
  16. Gerry Seymour

    An interesting take on early Aikido, from a Judo perspective

    The Inspiration of O-Senseis Jujutsu: A Letter by Kenji Tomiki Aikido Journal Aikido Journal recently posted a letter written by Kenji Tomiki back in the 1930's. At this time, he had trained about a decade in Judo, and a few months with Ueshiba in Jujutsu (as it was referred to at the time...
  17. S

    Short feature Judo

    Hi, just sharing this short feature on Judo :)
  18. _the_frogg_

    street fight

    what would you say would work best for a street fight, and don't just say whatever you train in lol really thing like take things from other arts and put them together to make the best art
  19. Gerry Seymour

    Thoughts on mats

    I'm posting this here, because my primary art (Nihon Goshin Aikido) has more in common with Jujutsu and Judo than Ueshiba's Aikido. We primarily use Judo falls (nearly identical to those I learned in Judo in the 1980's), and have Judo-style throws (from clinch, etc.) that don't seem to show up...
  20. T

    Korean terms for throws

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if I could get some assistance. I am working with one of my students on collecting Korean terms for various elements of our art (kicks, punches, stances, etc) for one of his college school projects and one area that we have been running into issues with are throws...
  21. Brian King

    Best tv ad ever. Fearless dreams.

    Love this insurance ad. Way to go AMFAM. Regards Brian King
  22. Brayden Powers

    What to expect at a Judo seminar

    I'm a 2nd degree black in Taekwondo. so I'm going to a judo seminar tomorrow from 10am-3pm, I've always been fascinated with judo and I've always wanted to try it, but I don't have any ground fighting experience, will it be easy to learn? What should I bring with me?
  23. BJJCop

    Between Judo and Wrestling for police..

    My police department has asked me to assist in teaching hands-on techniques in the massive mat area we have available to our training HQ..However, I've done so much undecided thinking about two particular applications with colleagues, discussing the two distinctions on approach to reality, and...
  24. W

    Judo For Self-Defense On The Street?

    Hello all. I am new, so please be easy on me. I'm thinking of rounding out my game a bit more for self-defense. I've been looking at Judo because a lot of the throws lead to your opponent on the ground (with you standing and sometimes holding on to your opponent's arm). This gives you a lot...
  25. AdhamPitbullKabil

    Are Those Martial Arts Good Together??

    so im a 14 year old boxing silver medalist, first place on the state twice and a bodybuilding gold medalist i started boxing a year ago i was getting bullied ..... so i joined boxing to be able to beat the guys that bullied me after 2 months i was upgraded to the semi-top team (the coach said...
  26. RuthlessCombat_Australia

    What does Judo Consist of ?

    Hey guys, I am looking to start Judo in the near future. I was hoping to ask someone who has experience. What does it consist of ? I know a lot of it is throws, but is there anything else I should know about ? Thank you all so much