Just created a new sandwich

Discussion in 'The Locker Room Bar & Grill' started by Gweilo, Aug 17, 2019.

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    Intriguing choices!..I would definitely give it a try sounds like a science.
    Marmite is just one of those things we like to talk a lot of smack about in 'merica.

    My personal Chef style is Contemporary Global, taking a page from Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, and others like Chef Tom Valenti (of whom I had the opportunity to stage under at his former restaurant called Ouest when I was in high-school).

    I have had over a decade of experience in high-level (and low-level) kitchens, and have trained with Chefs from all over.

    My expertise is at the Garde Manger station (will have to preserve more meats to reach 'Master' level), but I prep veggies, appetizers, and desserts like no other. I can also throw down on the hot line, or the pit, AND EXPO and love serving meals family style whatever the occasion.

    It's nice to see other Chef minded individuals here!
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    Don't get me started on the Charcuterie, because then we gotta talk olives, sundried tomatoes with basil and balsamic humous, and I just put on 5lb just thinking about it.
    We better stop there, I got training in a couple of hours, and jobo will be in, telling us how hard it was being brought up on stale bread, rusty nails and sour milk.123
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