Do you know your Kenpo lineage?

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Do you know your Kenpo lineage?

  1. Yes, I can trace my training lineage back to the founder.

  2. Well, I am vaguely aware about some of the people who taught my instructor(s).

  3. No, but I would like to know.

  4. Who cares? I am only interested in my training under my current instructor(s).

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  1. kenpostart

    kenpostart Yellow Belt

    Jul 30, 2004
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    Hi there,

    my lineage is:

    Mr. Ed Parker Sr. -> Mr. Rainer Schulte (see "The Journey") -> Mr. Christian Springer (promoted from 1st up to 4th Degree by Mr. Ed Parker Sr.)

    -> Mr. Thomas Kozitzky (tested and promoted for his 1st Degree by Mr. Ed Parker Sr.)
    -> Mr. Sascha Berning and Mr. Peter Gorski (tested and promoted to brown by Mr. Ed Parker Sr.)

    Okay, I see, my trainer are 4th Generation Black Belts.
  2. jdinca

    jdinca Master Black Belt

    Dec 8, 2005
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    SF Bay Area
    Ed Parker > Al Tracy > Richard Lee > John Buckley > Morgan Newman > Morgan Malone > Me. The three below Richard Lee are a Master and 3rd, 1st degree BBs, respectively in our system.
  3. hemi

    hemi Purple Belt

    May 6, 2005
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    Forney TX
    James M. Mitose
    Koga Ha Kosho Shorei-Ryu Kempo Jujitsu
    Paul Yamaguchi
    Edward Lowe
    Arthur Keawe
    Woodrow McCandles
    Giro Nakamura

    William K.S. Chow
    Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo
    Joe Emperado
    Masaichi Oshiro
    John Chun
    Paul Pung
    Bobby Lowe

    Edmund K. Parker, Sr.
    Steve Aaron
    Mike Allen
    Jack Autry
    Richard Beckinger
    Charles Beeder, Sr.
    Fred Brewster
    Dave Cardinas
    Richard Carthew
    Rudy Castenada
    Ralph Castellanos
    Stan Cholewinski
    David Cineceros
    Judy Clapp
    Jim Clapp
    Wayne Collier
    Lincoln Conti
    Phil Conti
    Robert Cook
    Albert Cornejo
    Jim Demeke
    George Downs
    Tom Dunne
    Bob Eisele
    Larry Elkins
    Jeff English
    Sam Estrada
    Jack Farr
    Russ Feinman
    Rick Flores
    Tom Garriga
    Robert Gioia
    Steve Golden
    Dave Gonzales
    Tom Gow
    Melvin Harris
    Larry Hartsell
    Steve Hearring
    Gil Hibben
    Vern Holleman
    Tom Howard
    Dan Inosanto
    Arnie Inouye
    Jerry Leichtman
    Scott Loring
    Leonard Mau
    Craig W. McCoy
    Robert Mitchell
    Jorge Montanez
    Rich Montgomery
    Frank Mulrine
    Calvin Nall
    Ray Nehder
    Roy Nishita
    Norm Pattiz
    George Pegelow
    Dave Powell
    Paul Psik
    Tom Riskas
    Richard Roper
    Sandy Sandavol
    Keith See
    Louie Solis
    Deon Steckling
    Herb Steet
    Richard Stelle
    Randy Streeter
    Ed Tabian
    Dian Tanaka
    Ming Tang
    Ray Tillery
    Jim Trevino
    George Waite
    Dale Walker
    Steve Walker
    Craig Weidell
    Ed Wenke
    Jack White
    Roscoe White

    rican Kenpo
    Al Tracy
    Tracy's Kenpo Karate
    John Alexandro
    Hugh Alford
    John Allen
    Kenneth A. Baker
    Steve Ballentine
    Shane L. Baltierra
    Michael D. Barnes
    Daemian B. Barr
    Mary Basic
    Jerry Baumgarten
    Pete Becker
    Stephen Bellfontaine
    Tom Bersick
    Harry W. Beyer
    Maria Biasiotto
    Robert Blackmoore
    Rex Blaine
    Thomas R. Bocock
    Curtis Bradley
    Ike Branch
    Jorn Brandt
    Lis Marie Brandt
    Rick Brasseaux
    Michael R. Bredehoft
    Kevin Bricker
    Randall Brown
    Norm Bryar
    Frederick Buck
    David Buker
    Michael L. Burrell
    Stephen E. Bush
    John Buyers
    Bart Caccavale
    David Cardinas
    Donnie L. Carmack
    Jeff Carter
    Rich Carter
    Ricardo Castillo
    Dean Chapman
    Lou Chavez
    Eric Chet
    Michael Chong
    James Ciotti
    Cliff Close
    Donald J. Coffield
    Mark Collins
    James Craig
    Karen Crosby
    Guy H. Crump
    Richard C. Cupo
    Greg Damon
    Michael Dawson
    Guy Delahoussaye
    Pete Dellapozza
    Larry Demerit
    Joseph Deuschel
    Rick Keith DeVoll
    Victor J. Diodato
    John A. Dixon
    Arthur C. Doepke, Jr.
    Chuck Dore
    Jerry Dunlap
    Travis Dunlap
    Thomas Dunne
    Russ Ernst
    Darraly Escalante
    Daniel M. Farmer
    Al Farnsworth
    Steve Fink
    John Fite
    George Flanagan
    Bernie W. Fleeman
    Mark Fulmer
    Gary Garrett
    Steven Geotsglitis
    David P. Giomi
    Roland Gonzales
    Eugene Gorden
    William Gordon
    Smoky Gray Eagle
    Karen Conley Greene
    Steve Hagen
    Grant Hagiya
    Douglas E. Hamilton
    Dave Hardenbrook
    Rick Harper
    Mark Hastings
    Paul Healey
    Robert H. Hegamin
    Carson Hines
    David Holsclaw
    Al Hooper
    Gary Horner
    Harry Houghtlan
    Sue Huffman
    Harry Hutchins
    Betty Hutton
    Jeanne Hutton
    Ben Izaguirre
    Jerry Jacabsen
    Joe Jacques
    Cliff Jewell
    Carl L. Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    Kregg P.G. Jorgenson
    Stephen R. Kane
    Richard Kennedy
    Larry Klinehberg
    Marty Kuhn
    Roy Lake
    Anthony D. Lamberti
    Brian Lamkin
    Richard Langenstein
    Julian Linder
    Sam Lone Wolf
    Augustine Lopez
    Ted Mancuso
    Andrew Mantis
    Michael Marcus
    Angel G. Martial
    Edgar Masone
    Charles C. Masters
    Ted Masuda
    Gary Maust
    Milan Maximovich
    Ned G. Maxwell II
    Glennis J. McClure
    Paul McKay
    Jeffery D. McLachlan
    Greg McPherson
    Stephen P. Meichtry
    Jim Miller
    Jess Mora
    Joe Mora
    John Moran
    Thomas Morgan
    Jerry Mourtasine
    Gary W. Moxley
    Larry Murray
    Desmond G. Nash
    Dave Noble
    Paul Olivas
    Mike Olson
    James Onorato
    Kevin Orlow
    Kenneth Ortner
    Richard Ouimette
    Timothy Paffe
    Johnothan Pantoja
    John Pardoe
    Roshan Parikh
    Kwinam Park
    Ralph L. Parris
    Gary Patchell
    Debra E. Perea
    Jesus M. Perea
    Darryl Pinto
    Carl Plummer
    John Pollock
    Mike Poz
    Rudy Prikken
    Sey Rapport
    Larry Reid
    David Repetny
    Charles B. Reynolds
    Mike Roberts
    Steven Scardina
    Ronald A. Scott
    Terry Shackleford
    Jan Small
    Joe Spivey
    Charles Stanley
    Nelson Starker
    Paul Stevens
    Dave Stewart
    Jodi Stith
    Scott Stolivack
    Mark Striner
    Debbie Sumner
    Keith Sumner
    Walter Tanimoto
    Manuel Taningeo
    Hank Taylor
    Will Taylor
    William C. Thacker
    James Tidwell
    Dennis A. Tio
    Mike Tipple
    Lee Toren
    Jerome W. Totes
    Patricia A. Tracy
    Jim Trevino
    Jeffrey Tuinstra
    Dennis Tustin
    Brent Undermann
    Nick Vales
    James K. Van Sickle
    Kenneth Vineyard
    Paul Wagner
    Robert S. Watine
    Elgene Wheeler
    Robert C. Willis
    Jeff Wilson
    Jim Wilson
    Robert W. Winters
    James Wonser
    Bill Yazel

    Eddie Jolly
    Tracy's Kenpo Karate
    Mark King
    Joanne L. Reyna
    Jonathan Scott
    Debbie Sumner
    Keith Sumner

    Keith Gorham
    American Kenpo
    Phillip Bulloch
    Nathan Coleman
    John Connolly
    Sherri Downs
    Reggi Estes
    Brian Evans
    Bill Fischer
    Johnny Fowler
    Ron Gentolizo
    Alex Giles
    Walter Gilliam
    Eddie Gorham
    Keith Grandin
    Brad Gruber
    Jose Guadalupe
    Nate Hawley
    Tracie Kester
    Brandon Lemons
    Tony Leopold
    Brad Marshall
    Ray McKinney
    Troy Moak
    Eric Reynolds
    Leslie Roach
    Jim Roccasano
    Jason Spoolstra
    Alex Tauzel
    Richard Townsend
    Andy Yamasaki

    And a long way from Black Belt, Me Phil Schoen

    I was lucky enough to find a website (on the advice of Brother John, a thread he posted on Kenpo Talk) that had all this information listed. I found it very interesting to see my place in the huge Kenpo family.

    I also want to again make it clear that I am in no way taking any credit for all the research that went into this list of Lineage’s I just though it might be useful to others.

  4. hemi

    hemi Purple Belt

    May 6, 2005
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    Forney TX
    Sorry about how that came out. When I did it all in Word it was in paragraphed form and had the names in my linage highlighted. When I clicked post it came out the way it is and takes up most of one page. Anyone know how I can repair and repost that thread?
  5. bayonet

    bayonet Orange Belt

    Jan 16, 2005
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    Kahului, Maui
    Dude...Yes I would dare to say that it goes from...SGM Parker..Mr. Planas..Mr Chuck Epperson..Harry Lamphere to us....although we ALL (students) study Mr. Tatum's videos. Why you ask? Any man that taught under Mr. Parker for nearly twenty years knows the techs....and Mr. Huk has not finished his tech...series. :erg:then we won't have to hear "who taught you that":rofl: We can say.. Mr. Huk.. Your DVD..........
  6. Jimi

    Jimi Black Belt

    Jan 6, 2006
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    Beltsville, MD
    I am not sure of my Kenpo/Kenbo Lineage. I have considered myself a bastard black belt for quite some time. In the mid 1980's I was training in the D.C. Metro area with my first Sensei Nidan Randy Wozin. He introduced me to a visiting Instructor Sensei Henry Sotelo who at the time was a 5th Dan. He showed us such wonderfull techniques that were very good for street defense and he called it Kajukenbo. He told us he grew up in Hawaii and began learning from his Grandfather then at around 12 -13 he moved to Los Angeles. He also said he had trained in Ed Parkers System and had achieved his 6th dan By 1987. In 1987 he returned to the area for a short while and we trained for a couple of weekends. I told him of my disappointment over my failure in my first attempt at 1st Dan testing, at which he was a judging Black Belt. He gifted me with his black belt right off his waist and said he would keep in touch after he returned to Los Angeles so he could send me certification. I did not here from him, then I heard from an old training partner that he had died. Since then people who also knew him were upset when they learned that I possessed his Black Belt, claiming I had no right to have it. These people included Sensei Randy Wozin, Sensei Steve "Nasty" Anderson among others. I do not know who trained him, or what association certifited him. My last try at finding out lead me to find that Grandmaster Ted Sotelo was no relation to him, in fact he had never hreard of him. I still have his Black Belt in a place of Honor in my home. I feel lost in trying to find where this insightfull knowledge came from. I am not seeking rank or certification, I just want to know that my faith in him was well founded. If anyone knows about Henry Sotelo please post any info you might have. Thank you for hearing me out. Long live Kenpo. J. Linkins
  7. IWishToLearn

    IWishToLearn 3rd Black Belt

    Apr 27, 2005
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    Salinas, CA
    Not EPAK, but still Kenpo:

    SGM Parker -> SGM Sullivan -> GM Le Roux

    I also pick the brain of Dr. Chapel any chance I get. :)
  8. fmusto

    fmusto White Belt

    Jun 23, 2005
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    I have become increasingly fascinated with the lineage. I find it extremely interesting to see who was with who and the different falling out they have had. It is really important that you understand where your teacher has been to see where you are going. My instructor is not only an amazing martail artist, but he lives for the history as I do. I feel the martial arts has its roots with the intellect first then the body second.
  9. Carol

    Carol Crazy like a...

    • MartialTalk Mentor
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    Jan 16, 2006
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    Perhaps I'm beginning to feel the opposite. I'm becoming increasingly disillusioned with the idea of lineage. I can't shape my lineage in to a line. Sure, my instructor teaches me new things and motivates me to train, but so do all of you. Yes, my art is EPAK-based, but it was a couple of incredibly inspiring discussions with a Tracy black belt that opened my eyes at a very pivotal time.

    It is interesting to learn more about why and how my instructor learned his art. It's also interesting to learn about how others learned their art...and I want to learn more about both. But, this is very difficult to do when Kenpo different lineages get warped in to a caste-like denigration.
  10. bushidomartialarts

    bushidomartialarts Senior Master

    Mar 5, 2006
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    Hillsboro, Oregon

    (shaolin monestary)



    james mitose

    william chow

    ed parker

    al tracy dave hebler

    milt guinette tom conner me

    me bill packer

    lee sprague

  11. stone_dragone

    stone_dragone Senior Master

    • MartialTalk Mentor
    Dec 20, 2005
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    Sunny San Antonio, TX
    Me too.

    Mitose >> Chow >> Parker >> Sullivan >> LeRoux >> Brooksher >> lil ole me
  12. seca2man

    seca2man Yellow Belt

    Aug 18, 2006
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    Santa Rosa, CA
    Not sure if anyone will recognize these names, but here's my limited lineage:

    Ed Parker>>Steve Fox, Huk Planas>>Craig McCoy>>me and a bunch of other kids at UC DAvis

    1993- 2006
    The empty years!

    Tom Porter>>me
  13. distalero

    distalero Orange Belt

    Jul 27, 2004
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    I don't think you and I know each other, but if you have the occasion to see Steve, or McCoy, say "Hi from older Dave, not younger Dave".
  14. Kraiguar

    Kraiguar Yellow Belt

    Oct 8, 2006
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    Great Grandmaster Ed Parker
    Grandmaster Steve Muhammad
    Mr. Ted Taylor
    Mr. Steve Herring
    Mr. Jerry Smith
    Professor Ron Chapel

    What an amazing journey.

    Peace and Blessings,
  15. PandN

    PandN White Belt

    Oct 18, 2006
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    I can trace my lineage back to Mr. Parker

    Mr. Mark Schiffman
    Mr. Richard "Huk" Planas
    Mr. Ed Parker

    INDYFIGHTER Purple Belt

    Mar 10, 2004
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    Indianapolis, In
    I'm in my forth year of weekly private lessons with my instructor. We just started brown 1 material and I've never gotten a certificate, belt, patch or even a test. Some will probably have issues with that but for me it's been absolutely perfect. When we get to the end of a belt he looks at me and asks if I want to move on and I always say "Lets do it one more time." and we start the belt over again. My instructor has dvd's with him going through each belt. They are $20 a dvd (belt). Once a week I go over what he showed me that week. Honestly I can't even tell you if it's Parker or Tracy. I think it's Parker. Anyway, doesn't matter. I know what I've learned and as long as it comes out when I need it then I've gotten my moneys worth.
  17. OneKickWonder

    OneKickWonder Yellow Belt

    Oct 20, 2006
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    Leesville, LA
    I do know that my instructor Zac Strickland was taught by Dr. James Tindall. I do not know who his instructor was but I know he was taught by Mr. Parker. I am interested to know though.
  18. airdawg

    airdawg Purple Belt

    Sep 1, 2006
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    I am third generation, if you count the founder as first generation.
  19. MSTCNC

    MSTCNC Brown Belt

    Jul 23, 2006
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    Durham, NC
    Here's mine... circa 1982-1984:

    The other two local schools in the area are run by a Blackbelt of either Mr. Klapp... or Mr. Caputo... so, I guess that makes all the American Kenpo here in DE Tracy System... as opposed to EPAK... does that sound correct?

    Not commenting on anything... just trying to verify what my 8th Kyu is actually in...

    As for the future... I have no idea where I will start my return to American Kenpo... and whether or not I will return to AKS, look into Karate USA, or go talk to the Movement Workshop folk... or look for an EPAK school elsewhere...

    Your Brother in the arts,

  20. MSTCNC

    MSTCNC Brown Belt

    Jul 23, 2006
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    Durham, NC
    OK... I ended up answering my own question here...

    I looked at the ciriculum from Mr. Caputo's school... and compared the terms to the x-reference I re-formatted for our Canadian friend... and they're Tracy terms...

    Also, on Mr. Klapp's website.. it lists the history of AKS... and it states that the Concord Pike AKS school (my old training hall) was originaly a Tracy School... and then converted to an American Kenpo Studio school when the Tracy's changed their name... prior to the release of the franchisees...

    Mr. Klapp then bought the school from Mr. Nackord... and he, in turn, hired Mr. Caputo to run the school... so he could open the Newark, DE location...

    So, know I am now 100% sure of the lineage of my previous training in American Kenpo!

    :partyon: :partyon: :partyon:


    OK, one down! :ultracool

    Your Brother in the arts,


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