Yo, Judo-kid!

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Dec 4, 2001
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Fort Lewis, Washington
Just checking in on you... It has been quite a while since you expressed interest in seeing how Yiliquan was trained.

You still up for it?

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Nope, not yet. I haven't heard from him either via email or here on MT.

He must be busy with school and competitions.
sure man.
I am working on some things like a paintball team and my martial art ability.
send me a pm bro.
How many times do you think Yiliquan1 is going to extend a hand of courtesy? If it were me it would have been 1 or 2 times and that would be it. When my JJ friend would ask me to come his class from time to time - I take it up immediately. I remember the previous thread and it going about 40 pages or more on how you should check out the Yiliquan class. I would have thought you would have done it by now.:asian:
If you want it, you can just as easily PM him. He shouldn't have to chase you down to give you something that will benifit you.

If you've got time to play paintball, you got time to take an afternoon off to check out more info. (I play paintball so I think I'm qualified to say that).

Everyone else, if JK wants it, he will contact Yiliquan1. If he doesn't its his loss. He's had enough time to make the contacts, and can just as easily hit the PM button here as any of us.

I do not want to see this go the route of any bashing.

Good day.

Originally posted by Kaith Rustaz
I do not want to see this go the route of any bashing.

Neither do I. I wasn't trying to cause any problems here. AND definately don't want to see this turn out like the other thread did.
Judo-kid knows how to get in touch with me if he is interested enough. If not, no big deal. Just thought I'd toss the offer on the table one last time...

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Spring break has come and gone...

You missed out. Chufeng and I had a blast working some chokes and stuff straight out of a Taijiquan form. Already looking forward to next week's *** beating... I mean "training." :D
And for anyone that has followed the discussion Judo-kid and I have had over the past months, this offer for training stemmed from his lack of first hand knowledge of what "traditional" martial arts taught. Judo-kid contended that TMA were crap and that only MMA and other such arts had any realistically worthwhile content. I disagreed, and offered Judo-kid the opportunity to come out and train with our group.

Yesterday's training was actually pretty light. Chufeng has been trying to pound a new form into my already thick head. We spent the bulk of the time trying to get my brain to memorize the sequence of the form. After a bit, we worked on some chokes, and Chufeng proceeded to introduce me to the pavement repeatedly, several times at my request for a repeat of a particular technique... You'd think I'd learn!

Our training often results in my getting smacked around quite a bit, much to Chufeng's amusement. :D

For anyone on MT that finds themselves in the Seattle/Tacoma area, feel free to contact me and you will be welcome to come and visit our group.

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Originally posted by Yiliquan1
I disagreed, and offered Judo-kid the opportunity to come out and train with our group.

Yiliquan1 too bad for Judo-Kid. It still amazes me that he has not yet shown up. :confused:
Yeah, well, whatever.

This is the end of my reaching out to him. There are no hard feelings, but I am simply not going to concern myself about it any further.

Some folks want to know. Some folks claim to want to know. Others are content in their ignorance. Whatever.

My training continues, in Yiliquan and other arts. Having one person decide they don't want to come visit really impacts my world very little...

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Yeah i was sick over my whole spring break..........

I would have like to see your training but i was really sick(flu)
I had alot of stuff planed for spring break which i was unable to do.
I was gonna go paintballing and check your training.
I was also going to increase mine of spring break which i didnt train at all, seeing how i could hardly leave bed.