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Is any one here a member of the World Black Belt Bureau. I have seen this add in themagazines for yrs. I know a guy who told everybody how rigorous their standards are, but I know this guy couldn't tie his belt. I have also seen them in an expose on how easy it is to get a certificate from an organization like this. My opinion is it is just another papermill. Has anybody had any experiences with them.
Weren't they the people who gave the honourary black belt to that guy in NY who has a chimpanzee?
It was the chimpanzee they gave the black belt to.
I have it on video tape where they sent a certificate to a reporters dog. I thought it was in TKD that a chimpanzee earned Black belt in Australia back in the late 80s.
What I want to know is:

Why are we not allowed to hunt these people down and 'discuss' the error of their ways? Why do we have to let these genetic defects bastardize what we all work so hard doing? What's worse is that the damn fool media gets a hold of this information and makes it exponentially worse!

"Someday a real rain will come and wipe this scum off the streets."

I certainly hope so.

The chimpanzee thing was actually used to promote TKD as a user frindly martial art. Anyone can do TKD, if we can train a chimpanzee to do it, then we can train you too.

We've trained chimps to fly in space, but I don't see anyone giving one a damn aerospace degree.

Urge to kill...rising...

I wil temper my comment to have no disrespect what so ever. The organization that did this needs to be put out of business. Since they exploded onto the scene in the 80's I have not seen anyone do as much damage to ligimate martial arts as they have.

And what kind organization allows you to kick to the head but not punch it. Yeah thats smart!

As for the World Black Belt Bureau, these guys are a major paper mill. If you have the money you get the certificate.
Is this the same group in question:

World Black Belt Bureau?

If so, I've come up with a cunning plan (no, my name is not Baldric...let's see how many people get that reference :D):

Let's all e-mail them as various animals, asking for black belt certification. I claim sea otter.

No the World Black Belt Bureau is not the group that gave the Black Belt to a chimp, but a reporter sent in the name of his dog to them, and sent in the payment. He got a certifiacte in a few weeks.

The organization that promoted the chimpanzee is also the same group that has promoted 4 yr olds to Black Belt. Yes it is the WTF.
Okay, then...simple enough: we write to BOTH organizations as small animals requesting black belt certification.


It is $40.00 for a lifetime membership to the WBBB, regularily $75.00. maybe I'll apply as Mr. Fu Fu. I posted a link to them in my opening post.

As for the other organization it wold be a lot more money, not worth the fancy toilet paper they sent back, after attending classes, where you can kick but not punch. Don't worry about blocking the chest protector will stop you from getting hurt.
I have just read in their ad in the magazines: Director Kang Rhee Instructor of Elvis Presley & Bill Wallace. Wasn't Kang Rhee who gave Elvis an honorary rank for attendingone of his functions.
It seems as if every martial arts related search I do on Yahoo! returns a "sponsored link" for an organization that is willing to sell me a black belt at the level I feel I deserve. I wish that this was seen as being as clearly fraudulent as the academic diploma mills.
Originally posted by arnisador
It seems as if every martial arts related search I do on Yahoo! returns a "sponsored link" for an organization that is willing to sell me a black belt at the level I feel I deserve. I wish that this was seen as being as clearly fraudulent as the academic diploma mills.

The bane and boon of capitalism: anything can be bought. Anything.

hummmmm that place is based near memphis thats about 3 hours from me.... hummmm wonder if i should pay them a visit and see how good they really are.... i wish i could around to all these guys selling black belts over the net and in magazines id love to stomp the hell out of all of them but alas im limited my little area lol anyone near nashville tn wanna take a field trip to memphis with me lol
I have a life time membership to the World Black Belt Bureau I believe and I'm about 30 minutes from Memphis. Based on my early experience, and trying to get back into the arts I'm interested in I'd be a blue belt, but naturally any place you go especially when it concerns cross training you may be able to wear your previous rank but play catch up in the current rank you're in.

I've run into a few instructors who allow you to do this, but also some just want you to wear the white and progress up the scale naturally which either appeals to me as long as you're learning what you need to learn. Sadly where I'm at there are just a few schools here in which I could actually go to and anything I'm really, really interested in is way too far for me to drive.

My favorite art has always been Kenpo but no school here teaches it, and I'd have to move in order to learn it which right now is not an option for me.

I have to find other ways to cross train. I was taking Pasaryu which was a blend of kung fu,tkd,and karate as I understood it but as it was explained to me it was a Korean art.

To be honest from my year or so with it its a nice little gritty art, but with the shady dealings of WBBB, it makes me wonder if maybe I should cross train and practice perfecting the art I lean towards with my brother so we both get something out of it, and can be legitimately certified. Sure its nice to be ranked with a place and give reference to, but ultimately if you have the knowledge but the place who certifies you makes you look bad then its better to put your knowledge to the test, and get ceritified by an organization who people look highly upon.

So what happened with my experience in Pasaryu you may ask? After finding something I truly enjoyed (again), my car broke down and after getting a busted radiator fixed, I did go back, and with the promise of two years I'd be at a black belt but could wear a blue belt til I caught up. It wasn't meant to be I still have my gi in my closet with the World Black Bureau patch on the right side of it.

That must have been a sign that it was not meant to be because shortly after I was going regularly the school suddenly shut down, and is now just an empty space which I've been noticing a lot here lately except for Jimmy Blanns which has been around forever. I could further my boxing training, and shotokan, or kickboxing.

So maybe the realibility of the WBBB was called into question and so ends my experience with the art. & the WBBB even though I apparently am a life time member.

Happy I found something regarding them because I value my work towards completing something I'm interested in, and even with the little experience I have I'm not willing to settle. Thanks for pointing this out. I'd much rather be certified by worth their weight instead of anybody who can just get ranked for the sake of being ranked.
i know this guy, who went to WBBB and got a black belt from them (no question asked) :toilclaw: and on his web site he has them listed, i called them and they told me to send them a copy of my cert. and $$$ and they would send me a rank,, IN WHAT:BSmeter: any way check his site out
oh yes one more thing, he saids that he is with Larry Tatum but look at his patch:rolleyes: its Parkers, btw i spoke to Larry Tatum and this guy is not with him.
Like many organizations of this sort the money means more than the cert. Print up a cert on you comp with some made up organization name on it and claim whatever rank you want and I bet you get a cert back from them saying they recognize your rank (that is if you sent enough money)
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