Whoa.......... No Martial Talk was like Catsup without fries!!!

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Yeah Dennis, and don't it just feel like we're first in line at the buffet table getting back in here and posting again? Life is now complete! MartialTalk is like food, so nourishing to our lives that we feel starved by its absence. Although, LOL, I do not appear to be any thinner after suffering from MT deprivation. :(
Well no Martial Talk is just not right!

Glad to see we are back up and running.
Thanks goes out to everyone that helped get the board back up.


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Originally posted by Seig
And That is just plain gross!

I second that! But...........I think the Goldendragon knows what happened here, and is saying nothing.

A special inquiry should be held by the moderators! Get the committees going, subpoena the witnesses, bring out the Special Prosecutor! The "Teflon" Dragon" is no more!


Conspiracy afloat!:soapbox:
Bob Hubbard and his associates worked night and day. The rest of the MartialTalk moderation team is out of state and could do little more than give moral support!

-MT Admin-
Another thank you goes out for all of the efforts to bring martialtalk back on line. :)
Thank you for getting MartialTalk back on line so quickly. I am sure I do not understand the complexity of the problem, but I greatly appreciate the effort it took to correct it.


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Ya thanks to anyone who had anything to do with getting us back up and running.

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