The Martial Talk Boyz R back in town!



Just wanted to let you know that tonight in front of 900 people at a charity fundraising fashion show some of the guys from Martial Talk, namely, Jaybacca, AME, DutchBoy, and myself ripped up the stage to the delight of all in attendance!

Woo boy! At a fundraising charity show to raise money to end violence against women tonight 900 people got to see a jakked up demo of Kenpo.

In fact, it started out after a dance number by a bunch of lovely ladies when we walked out to dead silence of a crowd wondering who the heck we were and what we were doing.

Then the music started and we exploded into thundering strikes, crushing blows, knife and stick defences and attacks, throws, chokes, slams that almost put a couple of us through the stage floor and more.

The crowd went nutty.

I am talking absolutley freakin' beserk! From dead silence to screams and cheers like a roman collseum. I might have expected as much from a martial arts tournament but it was a crowd of people there to support ending violence against women and to see a fashion show. People who had no idea what martial arts were.

Maybe it was the combo of lights and music along with lightning strikes and the fact that we were really beating the living cr@p out of each other but they were screaming and cheering. Some guy who must have read the program jumped out of his chair and screamed, "Yeeeeeah! Kenpo rulez!" and was pumping his fists in the air. Some lady was screaming in the back for more as we were leaving the stage.

When AME cracked Dutchboy in the head with a stick and left a 2 inch goose egg they cheered. When Jaybacca slammed me almost through the stage floor they freaked. When my knuckles split open on Jaybacca's teeth and blood flew they were out of their seats. When Dutchboy nailed AME in the nutz and he flew about 5 feet straight up they screamed.

People were coming up to us and saying how awesome it was. At one point a bunch of girls from the fashion show asked us if they could take their picture with us. It was chaos. They didn't expect what they got and it set the tone for the rest of the show because no one stayed quiet. In fact, the lady running it said to me, "I don't know what you guys did but I have never seen people cheer like this at a fashion show!"

The boyz R back in town.

Rich Parsons

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Oct 13, 2001
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Sounds like a good demo,

Nice work!