What Is Wrong With This Picture



I found this on another discussion board that I visit and wanted to share it here.It takes a few minutes to figure it out so be patient.Also if you have speakers turn them on as it will help you figure it out.Rember to look closely because it is hard to figure out what is wrong.

a friend sent me the link to the site a while ago but it didn't work.

That's one I'm not going to forget.
I love this link. I have had alot of fun with it.When my Mom first sent it to me a month ago I about fell out of my chair.I just found the link to it the other day and have been sending it to everyone I know.
I will be sending you a bill for my broken monitor and the stitches for my hand.
Dude! we're coming to get you for that one! Of course I'm going to send it to a bunch of people first.

Haha.... that was really cool:supcool:
Help, I don't get it! Maybe it's because I get no sound when I view it on Netscape with my Mac?
You need speakers and you have to be patient it takes a couple of minutes for the whole picture to load so you can see what is wrong with the picture.
Thanks, kickyou! I watched it for a while (and saw the little surprise), but I got no sound with Netscape on a Mac, so maybe that's the problem.
One question. Where did you get a picture of my Mother-In-Law?:rofl: :rofl:
Hahaha, I couldn't figure out why my speakers weren't working. Then suddenly I got a very loud awakening, good one!
Originally posted by Cthulhu

You dirty rat :)


Thats what I said to the person to gave the link to me, except it wasn't "rat" it was more of a , well, it has the initials of "S.O.B" and I had an angry smilie because my grandma was standing right there and she was looking at the screen and fell on the bed when it flashed..
One of my high school students showed this to me during class. The class knew what was comeing. :eek:

They thought the way I reacted was pretty funny. :rofl:

Just imagine a whole class rolling because they pulled one over on their teacher. :shrug:
I got many people at work with this one. The best was from a manager trainee. If there wasn't a drafting chair in front of her, she would have hit the floor.

She hates me now.

Do you mind if I revive this thread? It sure was a great one. My dad showed it to me LAST YEAR and I'm STILL scared of it.... :eek:
...first time I've seen that [insert expletives here]...methinks I need a cigarette and a cell phone....cigarette to calm down and the cell to call 911 cause I just had a coronary...