What is the difference between Kendo and Iado???


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I just have a quick question and hope to get a simple answer. What is the difference between Kendo and Iado (sp?)??? Is one more traditional or sport oriented than the other? Did they come from the same country or did one evolve from the other?


As I understand it, Kendo is the sport of sword fighting. Iado is the MA of drawing the sword. They both came from Japan and I am told that they compliment each other very well.

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Ok! Thank you Despair Bear!:asian: :) That answers my questions pretty well. Is there anything anyone else would like to add to that?

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As has been stated, kendo is actually sword fighting. Two or so people square off and go at it. Iaido is the Japanese version of our western quick draw artist. Sometimes against one opponent, sometimes agains multiple opponents. Hope this helps.

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Kendo is Japanese fencing.
"Kendo, is the art of Japanese fencing. "Ken" or tsurugi is from the character meaning sword. The character for "Do" or michi includes the meaning way or path which translates as "The way of the sword". A path in life which is followed through the training of kendo." from http://www.kendo-usa.org/abtken.htm

Iaido is the art of drawing the sword. Some find it very medatative, as they seek to become 1 with the sword in search of the perfect draw. (I'm overly simplifying things)
"Iaido is the art of reacting to a surprise attack by counter attacking with a sword. A more in-depth reading of the Japanese characters for iaido is I = being, AI = harmonny, DO Way . "The way of harmonising oneself in action. "
from http://www.iaido.org/Pages/GenInfo.html

Adding to the varients, there is also Iajitsu and Kenjutsu. Both are more geared towards the combative use of the sword.

See the library forum here for some books on the sword arts. :)

Remember "Sword is personal weapon. When slicing thru a man you get that immediate feedback." Lo Wang, the Shadow Warrior. :D

Kenjutsu and iaijutsu were the two systems of fencing with the live sword. Kenjutsu was the main system--iaijutsu was more of a specialized dueling system. (This is quite a simplification; see also our Sword Arts and Japanese Martial Arts-General fora for more detail. Some dispute that iaijutsu was ever actually used; you can find more info. at www.e-budo.com on this point. There were numerous subsystems of each of these.) Kendo is the modern sport fencing version of kenjutsu, done with protective gear and bamboo swords. Some would like to see it in the Olympics. There's a Korean variant, kumdo. Iaido is the modern, stylized, ceremonial version of iaijutsu, practiced for self-imporvement and aesthetics.

I studied iaido and loved it. I wish I could have continued, but I graduated and moved out of state.
Cool! Thanks guys for all the info! I learned something today!:D
I also learned that I spelled Iaido wrong and I can't edit my post. Oh well. Live and learn.;)

Robyn :asian:

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