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  • Philippines, now and then Japan. Was in Calgary last August to do a seminar and saw Kim.
    Yes my friend Ken,I definitely have functional ideas visavis iaido,kendo,etc but my iaido,kenpo,tang soo do,and WAY OF SIMPLICITY sensei has positively forbidden me to share any of my ideas that are purely iaido.However,he's fine with me sharing some things that I do with the blade (sword or knife) stick etc. as long as I don't stick the label "iaido" on I call the modifications that I use ATACX GYM FUNCTIONAL IAIDO. There are definite differences and imo marked improvements in my expression of iaido very much along the lines of my functional variants of Kenpo,Shaolin Kempo,Muay Thai,Taekwondo,Tang Soo Do,Capoeira,Judo,Hapkido,Wrestling,and the other arts and disciplines that I hold dan to Professor rank in.Hope that's helpful...izzat acceptable?
    Care about you? Darlin, If I could I'd pour chocolate sauce on you and eat you with a spoon.:ladysman:
    Ohhh, Happy Bunny is back with a vengence. I have several new ones. :)
    Wassa matta? you dint like Sock Monkey? Sock Monkey not goodanuf for yous? ( imagine New Jouysee accent saying this, a Made Bunny, if yanow wha I sayin)
    Happy Bunny will be coming for You, Ken.

    Kendo. The way of Ken. Kenjutsu. The techniques of Ken. I think I get it now. :lol:
    What you don't like "Sock Monkey"? I identify deeply with Sock Monkey, I am in a Sock Monkey frame of mind latley. As in " Ahhhhhhhhhh !!!!! Attack of the Sock Monkey"
    We are in the same boat with regard to Iai training. I only get to practise one day a week; I'd like to do more but it's just not practical to do so in the current climate of fear about katana (whch means no practising outside and there is no room in a British house for sword-work).

    I was raised to Sandan last year so it'll be at least another two years until I am eligible and sensei will anyway be reluctant to grade me past that without input from the wider Iai community as he is a 'mere' rokudan Renshei. He would feel it presumptuous for him to raise one of his own students higher than three grades lower than himself.
    Hi Ken. Thank you for the kind words. I am not sure that I am really 'back' as such - the site is still too full of what I consider right-wing politics for that. But I am going to be present daily to pick up any 'direct' messages.

    Maybe I should just log in to the JSA forum and ignore everything else? It is hard tho when the political hogwash leaves a tidemark around the rim, so to speak.
    I posted the elbow song to torture you, of course. I rented some old DVDs of the Muppet Show to keep me entertained through the snow storm du jour. Now I'm all Gonzo for anything by Jim Henson. How could I not share the wealth?
    Ken, Hmmhmmhmm. got rope? zip ties? gi belts? of course you do you naughty boy. :whip1: Then you are all set, happy V-Day.
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