What is Tang Soo Do?


You are correct - Hwang Kee first called his are "Hwa Soo Do", later changing it to the more popular "Tang Soo Do" and finally to "Soo Bahk Do".
Thanks. Appreciate it. Since I just unpacked my TSD textbook by Hwang Kee, I think I'll re-read it. (lol).
"Master Hwang Kee , the founder off Tang Soo Do and Masaatoshi Nakayama , who was later to become the cheif instruktor of the Japan Karate Association , did spendt some time training together in the late thirties/ early forties in China .
When they left to go back to their own countries , Hwang Kee took the Shotokan forms - At that point in time they were still showing signs of the Okinawan Shorin-ryu form that they originated from - and Nakayama took some of the high kicks that were later to become a trademark off Tang Soo Do . They were upon his return to Japan added to the arsenal of Shotokan Karate.
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I heard a version of what you said being told by Darrell Khalid's group out in Phoenix, AZ. This same story circulated through California as well.

I'd like to know who told this to you and what information you have to support it.

Personally...I think it is a load of Pillsbury Doughboy dropping!

I have to agree with John on this. Even according to Hwang Kee's writings this never took place.

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