WC Technique Video Clips

Pretty cool clips, and he has a lot of excellent teachers.
But he might have paid a little more attention during math class,
he says "in 1998 with over 30 years of wing chun training"...but just before that he states he started in Wing Chun in 1976; 1998-1976=22 years.
(as yet he has not reached 30 years; 2002-1976=26 years).

Any way i'm sure his skills are there, just not so good in math

You are right. I was referring to the top where it says "with over 30 years experience" i guess thats all together in martial arts, my mistake.
But, "In 1998 with over 25 years in wing chun" still isnt right...
Anyway, not super important.

Oh man, I just checked out those videos at the top....way too much :D
the vids at the top are wicked, i like seeing intructors that make it look as easy as he does. i hope one day i'll be that good...
I've seen the Wingchun Sifu Gradios guy too. He's really good, as swiftpete said I hope one day I'll be able to do that! Its Wing Chun though so it doesnt take that long to become efficient......kinda!