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Jul 9, 2002
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I was wondering if anyone knows of good fighting vids that are basically ufc's without the use of the ground allowed? That is, if it goes to the ground its split up and started over. Im curious to see which stand up styles prevail and which dont. I know we all have opinions on this matter, but was hoping to actually watch experience.
Thanks in advance.
THere was something from japan telecast in Australia as "Bushido", which was MMA, grappling was allowed, but sitting in the guard for ages was split and the fighters were returned to their feet.

Also, it was staged in a traditional boxing ring, and hooking a rope when in the guard or a submission broke the fighters, returning them to standing.

Very similar to some Shooto competitions (in fact, the ref often used the "shoot" submission sign). Saw some great fights. A lot more striking than UFC.

DOnt know if/where u might get videos of this....


You might check into Shidokan (sp) They air some fights on ESPN earlier this summer. They do rounds and each round is a different style of fighting. The first round is bared knuckle fighting with kicks and punches. Second round is more like kickboxing with boxing gloves on. The third round is bared knuckle fighting with some grappling included. You can throw your opponent but have limited time down on the floor before you are stood back up. I think these fights go around 7 to 10 rounds.
Bob :D
There was some good fights. on that , Do you know when more will be on?

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