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Apr 17, 2002
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I don't know if this "E-zine" or "Online Magazine" stuff will take off at all, but I tell ya, I am going to savor 2 particular publications while they are currently available. These two are The Martialist and MartialTalk Magazine.

These two publications put together beat out any of the martial arts related magazines that are on the shelf today in terms of content. That is the bottom line right there. To top it off, however, these publications are cheaper and easier to come by. Averaging a dollar or less an issue, you can easily download it from your computer, saving a trip to the store or the mail box.

"MartialTalk Magazine" is Edited by Bob Hubbard, the owner of this site, hence the title of the mag. This is great for general martial arts interests. Just like this site has a large array of info for enthusiests of multiple styles, so does the e-zine. There is just a wealth of info here. I came accross this publication when Bob asked me to write for it. I am glad I accepted because I have access to a great publication because of it.

"The Martialist" is clearly different then martial talk magizine. It is for adults only, with the catchy slogan: "The Magazine for those who fight unfairly." This slogan describes it best. They cover a large array of topics related primarily to "real life" self defense. It doesn't really address different Martial Arts "styles," but the content of the E-zine is universal for practitioners of any combat system. It is edited by Phil Elmore, otherwise known as "Sharp Phil" here on MartialTalk. I always liked Phil's posts, and I had intended to look into his publication. I have respect for his ability as a freelance writer, for I consider myself a "writer" as well. What pushed me into subscribing was his contest to win a bunch of knives for signing up. I doubt I'll win the knives, but it was well worth the sign up. This magizine is very much my style, and I would like to write an article or two for it when I have time, if Phil will have me.

So, don't be a cheapy!:D Waste $22 of your hard earned money and get both e-zines for a year (10 for MArtialist, 12 for MartialTalk Mag.). You won't regret it!


P.S. I was not solicited by either Bob or Phil to write this. I am just a satisfied customer expressing my opinion! :cool:

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