TKD Side kick differences from all others.


Nov 7, 2017
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Coming from the TKD & CMA world together, the TKD side kick that I learned way back when (still practice\teach today) is a thrusting, toes pointed to the ground, hip fully rotated beast kick.

The generic CMA side kick I learned (still practice\teach today) tends to leave the hip unturned & snaps off the thigh when raised. The hip isn't driven as much through it although there is some drive.

Same kick, different ideas.
I wanted to parrot off your reply as I think it is very accurate.
To help @DarkPhoenix with his query, I will only speak in terms of a back leg (reverse) side kick although the same applies for most side kicks. With right leg back to throw a right leg kick, the left foot will pivot on the ball from toes pointed forward to toes pointed back. At the same time, the body will pivot so that only the right shoulder is pointed toward your target. This should naturally roll the hips to the point that the knot of your belt is pointing towards the floor. When fully extended, the knee and toes of the kicking leg will be pointed down. Only the heel of the foot strikes the target. NOT the whole foot. The chamber; this is taught many different ways but here is how I was taught. All basic kicks (front, round, side, crescent, etc...)start with the same chamber to be powerful and elusive. The knee is driven high above the solar plexus as quick as possible. The body leans back as little as possible (also a defense posture). The powerful and quick drive of the knee is a major component in your rotation. The leg and body rotates over about 180簞 so that the kick is a push from the hips, not a snap from the thigh. I use that analogy of "mooning" you opponent when you are in correct position.
Some post mention the side kick being a long distance kick. From my Olympic sparring days this is NOT true. It takes practice and a lot of stretching but you can front leg side kick <1 foot away from your opponent.
I hope this post gets back to the OP, It did not auto-recognize their name. I hope to year both opinions.


Nov 14, 2013
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@dvcochran probably have trouble recognizing this name because this post is older than 90% of the students at my school.

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