Thread locks



Just curious...who has had the fastest thread lock on this board?

I dont understand the question?

Do you mean, which mod can hit the button the fastest?

or who had a thread locked in the shortest time?

Ya, you need to eloborate. I thouhgt it was a joint lock with thread
Carbon I'd say...

Or rather, Carbon2 when the original created a second account to circumvent his suspension. Earned a permanent ban for it.

Otherwise, spammers usually or supertrolls...those jerks who come in both guns blazing.

Possibly any of the folks on the banned list might also qualify.

Most of the time we try to let folks work things out themselves (that whole we're mods not babysitters thing) which is why some threads seem to hang out there a while.

Best way to get locked fast is to open a new thread and go right back into it after we locked the old one...or spam.

I hate spam....all kinds... :D

I HATE the locked threds, I mean they get locked for a good reason but.. I don't know they are locked so I'll go to a forum I don't regularly read like the JKD forum see a 50 post thred and glance at it, get drawn in, see it turn to argument (where I take sides in my mind) than 50 posts latter I try to respond to the previous 50 posts and realise I can't.. Most frustrating thing on the net (besides RMA and popups) :p
I agree, it would make more sense to just ban the members causing the problem and still allow others to make there points in a friendly way. I was just reading the "Friendly Hello" Thread and wanted to say somethin but it was closed :shrug: Kinda annoying....
We prefer not to lock threads, but to be totally blunt and honest, some folks just wont shut up. You will usually see me in there trying to nudge things back to a friendly level, and a few mod warnings before we lock it.

I dont believe we've locked more than 20 or so threads..maybe 30, but not really a lot.
i really like the way this board is moderated... i mean most of the threads that are locked you have given alot of leaway to try to let the discusion get back on track and tried to get everyone to calm down... and then there are the few that degenerated so fast you had to lock them lol... i dont think i would have the patience to do what you guys do....
Look closely at a locked thread--there are symbols that indicate it, though I grant they can be easy to miss.

-MT Admin-