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  • Hey, ma cherie. Yeah, I was pretty happy to see her back as well (go figure, huh?). With regard to the forum formatting, some good things, some that need a bit of getting used to, but I don't think Bob has finished tweaking it yet.
    Easy, Wado Ryu, sometimes considered a branch of Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu, it's easily the most circular karate system, and quite a bit of kata involved as well. As there is a higher emphasis on grappling you'll find it more comfortable to go to from your background.
    Ah, you beat me to contact by a mere day or two! Yes, I've been rather busy of late, and it seems to be getting more and more stacked... but you shall hear from me again, never fear of that! We shall figure our way around this turning globe, pulling in directions near and far, giving way to closeness even at a distance..... or just catch up on facebook!
    Ma cherie, my time has been rather, uh, consumed of recent times. But keep looking, you'll find me!
    hahaha wait when did I bat my eyelashes at him??? Well except that one time in class and that was meant to be a secret.... :p I don't whinge at him either! What have you heard :O
    Just wanted to say I really appreciated you chiming in on Slipper's thread, yours was the voice I kept thinking she needed most to hear, and Lo! You appeared :)
    As they say, though, the right tool for the job.... Okay, okay. Let's look at this objectively, yeah? Can't kill them, they're already dead. Won't feel pain. But you can stop them chasing you... if the legs cannot support their weight, doesn't matter if they feel it or not, so take out the knees and ankles. As they fall, grab an arm and use an ogyaku shoulder lock to drive them face-down. Then we get the sharp pointy things. Okay?
    Sword, naginata, bisento if I want to have some real fun... really, we're already geared up for this!
    Ma cherie, I'll beclearing some room in the next few minutes... but remember, you have many other methods of getting hold of me....
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